Yes the belly rub can be uncomfortable

Absolutely acceptable to give the belly rubbers an uncomfortable glance. While it’s a great feeling to have family and friends hear and feel the baby , it’s just awkward when aunties you barely know get all touchy-feely with your belly.

Comfort comes before style

Yes the extra kilos don’t seem cute any more to you but no matter what trimester you’re in – comfort comes before style. You can hit the gym and go through diet plans post delivery, but for now- love the attention, pampering and bring on the baggy PJs

Most importantly, reduce the stress and love thy husband

No one said Pregnancy is going to be all about stars,twinkles and smiles. Every unknown pain, spot of blood, funny sensation can bring on anxiety. And every night without movement can lead to a panic attack. It’s so important to believe in yourself and your body’s ability to do this. Much more often than not, everything is fine and you’re doing exactly what you’re meant to be doing.

AND It’s natural that the Husband becomes target NO 1 – crying,angry,irritated, whiny, screamy -‘Attack Husband’. But, try to cut the husband dear some slack – he’s not the enemy! Remember he’s navigating through the same confusing road as you are, and while you’re the one who can no longer see your feet, all he wants is to help you and watch you be comfortable.


So relax, get pampered, enjoy the good with the bad. And keep a box of tissues by the television, just in case one of those ‘Ghar aa jana’ commercials comes on unexpectedly!