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5 Baby Shower Gifts Your Preggars Bestie Could Use

Everyone loves a little silver spoon, but mums and dads try their hardest to ensure their babies are born with one in their mouths. So where does that leave you when it comes to baby shower gifting ideas? Reading this we hope!

B.Box Bottle Dispenser

The innovative bottle has been designed especially for parents who formula feed. Perfect for when you’re on the move, and even midnight feeds. You simply scoop your dry powder into the dispenser, attach it to the bottle, and fill it with sterilized water. Then when you’re ready to feed, just plunge and shake. BPA, Phthalates and PVC free. Find them in different colours here

Baby Activity Gym

Yup the little one is going to be on his or her back initially, but that doesn’t stop you from helping stimulate his or her senses. Baby activity gyms and cool play mats have kid friendly patterns, and come in soft linens, and even multi-sensory add-ons that mummy can attach at will.  

Chicco India, MeeMee and Fisher Price India have fabulous Baby Activity Gyms.

Feeding Pillow

Yup, mum’s going to be hunched over a lot! Gift her a feeding pillow, specifically the variety that is flat in the centre, with raised sides. The pillow also builds strength in the neck of the baby; helps the baby achieve a position in which he/she can lie down on mom’s tummy.

Look for these pillows here and here 

Baby Shusher

The Baby Shusher is a sleep miracle device. Reminiscent of a white noise machine, it is designed to calm and soothe your baby instantly, as it mimics the rhythmic sounds that babies are used to while in the womb.

You can find the miracle device here  

kolkol-1Kol Kol Baby Carriers

Kol Kol Baby Carriers are ergonomic baby carriers that let parents carry their baby propped in a position similar to how they’d carry them in their arms. This ensures comfort for the baby, and peace of mind for mom and dad. They’re a 100% woven cotton, so Indian weather friendly. They’ve got a detachable storage pouch, and the hood can be rolled up to create a head-rest for smaller babies. Want to see more of your friend after the baby arrives? This is what you need to present her with!

Available in 2 styles: Mei Tai & Ring Sling. Choose a colour here 

Baby Monitor

The baby monitor essentially helps parents keep tabs on their little ones, irrespective of which part of the house they are sitting in, through a smartphone or tablet. Most monitors track temperature and noise levels, offer two-way audio, are wi-fi enabled, and even offer night vision. May we advise investing in this if you’re planning on dropping in on mummy and daddy often. Do check out the MobiCam DXR & Motorola MBP36S. 


Image source : product home page

By Silver Rattle