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Mom i'm bored

“Mom, I’m booored.”   It's a constant sing-song at home and pretty much anywhere we go.We could have crafted a car out of toilet rolls, baked cupcakes and got chocolate batter


Everyday, as I stand at the school gate, waving my kids off , there are multiple thoughts that cross my mind - 'Did I put the diary back in

The Toy Story

  With birthday week just around the corner, I had friends and family call me, asking what toys my the two of them would love to get this birthday!  A


"Ma'am, could you please ask her to wait outside while you finish lunch

Separation Anxiety

  If you've had the little on bawl incessantly every time you've had to walk away from day care or shut the door at bedtime, you exactly know how separation


  I thought I had gotten off scot-free when at thirty - four weeks pregnant I couldn't spot a single stretch mark on my skin. However, the final six weeks