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  Feeling the extra 3 inches post Diwali and want to forget all the Diwali gluttony ? Here are some tips to get rid of these unwanted issues naturally and to detox

Fayon Kids

From pretty floral lehengas to dapper dhoti pants - these hidden treasure troves for all thing ethnic know exactly how to dress your little ones in style just in


  It descends like a rain shower you can't protect your self from.One minute you’re fine, the next you can’t stand up straight and the third you can't stand the


So you've given birth to a gorgeous baby, and the pounds have found a home in your thighs and midriff. You're eating right, working out, the works, but these


  Thumb sucking is very common among babies and young children. Thumb sucking is actually a soothing mechanism, one that helps a child learn to self-regulate their hunger, anxiety or


A sturdy pair of children's sneakers, that are easy to slip on, have velcro straps and ooze street cred. A pipe dream?   Well,  we've got you covered (as well as