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Bake and slice with ‘Bake Me’

Bake Me


If you’re looking for a kit that you can take from the mailbox to the kitchen, nothing else needed, BAKE ME,  the newly launched kid-friendly baking kit is  for you.


These baking projects come with everything you need to make fun, homemade treats, from the baking and frosting mixes to silicon cupcake moulds and (all natural!) food dyes. Though you can certainly make a lot of these treats for everyday snacking, the boxes tend to focus on a different baking concepts, whether you’re little chefling is in the mood to bake pancakes for the upcoming weekend or chocolate muffins for family movie night, they’ve got enough options for a great mom-child  kitchen project or a fun -filled play date.


Here’s what the box full of goodness is loaded with :

  • A recipe leaflet,complete set of instructions, premium quality ingredients, essential,tools and secret tips. The only ingredient we used from our kitchen was eggs, everything else was in the box.
  • They send three baking tools at a time in one box. The tools such as pastry brush, whisk, oven gloves, baking pans, parchment paper, piping cone, silicon cupcake moulds and more will make all the baking efforts a complete cake-walk!
  • Edible decorations like colourful sprinklers, cupcake toppers, sugar animals and flowers etc that will give a professional touch to the baked results.
  • The most premium and hand-picked ingredients. Be it cocoa, vanilla or even the flour,quality of each product is par excellence.


You can either do the subscription based module for a Bake Me DIY box every month  or get a specific kit as an one off purchase.


All we can say, this one is definitely worth considering, adding to your holiday shopping list for some family baking moments!

By Prerna S Joon
Silver Rattle – MOMSQUAD