"What do you do?", "I am a doula".    "A dou


When I got pregnant, the first three months were hard. After that,

  Feeling the extra 3 inches post Diwali and want to forget all the Diwali gluttony ? Here are some tips to get rid of these unwanted issues naturally and to detox

  It descends like a rain shower you can't protect your self from.One minute you’re fine, the next you can’t stand up straight and the third you can't stand the

So you've given birth to a gorgeous baby, and the pounds have found a home in your thighs and midriff. You're eating right, working out, the works, but these

  Busy, pre-occupied or disinterested - a lady must stock her dresser with a few products to keep her skin radiant and fresh looking, even if she doesn't believe in

  Regardless of how much we work out and watch our food intake, we all, at some points, experience bloating. As ladies who suffer from this rather frequently, allow us

"Can I still exercise now that I'm pregnant?"   "I haven't been exercising, but now that I'm pregnant I want to start an exercise program. Is that okay?"   These are typical questions

While I had read and heard enough stories about hair fall post pregnancy, I didn't quite expect to be feeling like a dog shedding hair seasonally (No kidding!)   If you've

  Motherhood has its charms, the smile of the baby, the way it wraps its fingers around your hand, but along with it, it brings an introduction to lot of

  Barely 2 months into my marriage, an over-interested aunty asks, “Good News?”   Listen woman, if I’m showing, I’d have to be atleast 4-5 months pregnant. That means I was pregnant

  Despite being a serious and life-altering mental health problem, OCD is a term so often used as a scapegoat for people to explain everyday behaviour. People say things like "I'm sorry, I'm just

I have been contacted by a huge number of people seeking help, and though it took me a huge deal of courage to talk openly about it, I am

Just done the Glucose Tolerance Test, and have been given a diagnosis of Gestational Diabetes ?   Dr Nupur Gupta  (Gynecologist & Obstetrician, Well Women Clinic, Gurgaon) answers all your questions

We're all aware that to some degree, most processed and packaged food contain preservatives and additives to give them an increased shelf life. Even dairy and dairy products may

  We'd be lying if we said we've always wanted to be like our moms. We love them of course, but we've all, at some point, picked out traits of

Nothing takes the edge off stress, exhaustion, swollen feet, and frizzy unwashed hair, like a good day of primping and pampering. But you've likely heard some scary rumours - hair