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Dance: for a healthier & happier you – Anamika Singh

“Children: they dance before they know anything isn’t music”  ~ William Edgar Stafford


Anamika Singh, acclaimed across the nation for her traditionally Indian yet refreshingly modern dance style shares,Why you must Dance … for a healthier & happier you!


Kids naturally respond to music. You’ll see them wiggling and swaying to TV theme songs as toddlers. They’ll tap their toes — or go into full-out routines in the living room. In fact, children dance without any inhibition whether it’s at a birthday party, in the rain or just admiring themselves affront a mirror !


The question is, “Are dance regimes the logical next step?”




Ever wondered how even as adults, we break into a dance to express our joy and excitement ?


Dance comes naturally to human beings. Even before language was invented, music and dance were used as a mode of expression, celebration or even rituals.
Dance isn’t really an art form that is learnt, it is the most natural expression that flows. We may acquire training in different styles, learning various skills and techniques but it only becomes dance when we let our being become one with it.
Dance is not only one of the most effective mediums of self-expression but is also holistic and therapeutic at every level of existence – physical, mental, emotional, social, psychological and spiritual.This makes it integral to include it in our lives from the very start.


Did you know that there are more benefits to your child’s dance class besides making them smile, giggle, and having fun?   Believe it or not, dancing can help your child’s development and can even improve his/her attention span and learning skills in the classroom.To mention a few:


  • Strengthening of bones
  • Lubrication of joints
  • Blood circulation
  • Mental exercise for healthier brain function
  • Improving memory (reducing risks of Alzheimer at a later age)
  • Coordination of limbs and sharpened reflexes
  • Building confidence
  • Self-discipline and commitment
  • Grooming, body language and posture
  • Mood elevation
  • De-stressing
  • Emotional release (reducing the risk of depression)


My mother shares I danced much before I learnt to walk or perhaps even crawl. Dancing since the very beginning and running an academy for over 18 years, interacting closely with students of all age groups, my youngest student being 4 and the oldest being 80, from different walks of life, has allowed me to witness many miracles on a daily basis.


Whether you’re trying to boost your child’s confidence or help them overcome an intense speech related issue, being a source of strength for someone dealing with cancer, working as a release for loss of a loved one, developing, and at times even restoring, an intimate connection between a couple, or sometimes purely a celebration of one’s self.


Dance synthesizes the body, mind and soul to allow self-actualization – So keep smiling and keep dancing !


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By Anamika Singh
The ‘Dancing Wonder,’ Anamika Singh is acclaimed across the nation for her traditionally Indian yet refreshingly modern dance style. Imbibing the intricacies of the dance forms synonymous with grace and beauty, she acquired her classical training in Kathak from Aditi Mangaldas, and Ballet from Fernando Aguilera and has trained in . nineteen dance forms thereafter. Along the way, she has metamorphosed from a student into a teacher with ADAA (Anamika’s Dance and Arts Academy).