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Expecting a baby? Here’s the checklist all new parents need

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Back home with your bundle of joy and you’re confused about the ‘essentials’, the ‘must-haves’ and the ‘may-be’.


To simplify the chaos, we’ve put a newborn essential checklist together that can help you prepare for your new arrival.


SAVE IT.PRINT IT.SHARE IT. And stress less knowing you’re ready for what’s to come.



for stress-free Feeding

□ 10-16 bottles and nipples, both 4- and 8- ounce (if fed strictly by the bottle, your baby will go through about 10 in the 4-ounce size per day). Read our complete baby bottle guide to know more here

□ 10 bibs (these get soiled really quickly)

□ 4 Burp cloths

□ 4 pacifiers

□ 2 Bottle brushes

□ 1 Bottle Sterilizer

□ 1 Bottle & Food Warmer

□ 1 Bottle Drying Rack

□ 2 Feeding Pillows

□ Formula.Incase you are formula feeding, learn more here

□ 1 High Chair. Find a high chair for the little grown up ones here


for comfortable Nursing

□ 2 Breast Pumps

□ 8 Nursing Bras

□ 10 Nursing tops & nightwear  (front open)

□ Disposable Maternity Breast Pads

□ Nipple Cream. Learn more about nipple blisters here

□ Stretch Mark Creams


for Clothing

□ Body Suits (full sleeves / half sleeves/ full length / half length)

□ Rompers

□ Onesies   (wide head openings and loose legs)

□ one-piece pajamas and 2 piece separates

□ Button down vests (snaps at neck or wide head openings, snaps under crotch)

□ Socks

□ Cotton Cap

□ Mittens / Booties

□ Jackets, jumpers, beanies, and cardigans (for winter babies)

□ Singlets and sun hats (for summer babies)

□ Baby hangers


Shopping for cute little clothes before the birth of your baby is so exciting. It’s always a good idea to have some basics ready for when they’re born.


for safe and secure Sleeping

□ Baby Pillow. You can find one here

□ Bassinet and bassinet sheets (cotton)

□ Crib, complete with a waterproof mattress cover, fitted sheets, and bumpers

□ Bolsters and Baby dohar

□ White noise machine or soother

□ Mosquito net

□ Swaddling Blankets

□ Cot mobile


For Diapering

□ Diaper bag

□ Baby wipes

□ Diapers

□ Diaper Changing Mat

□ Muslin nappies with plastic outside

□ Diaper pail and liners

□ Small thermos to hold warm water

□ Nappy cream

□ Packs of cotton wool

□ Diaper rash cream. Yes there will be bumps, rashes, and spots – here’s how you can prevent them

□ Waterproof sheets


For Bathing

□ Hooded towels

□ Packs of washcloths

□ Baby shampoo and soap

□ Massage oil. Massage is a great way to bond with your baby, try using one of these lovely oils to get started.

□ Baby bathtub and bath toys

□ Baby nail clipper

□ Soft brush and comb

□ Mild soap/detergent for laundry


for easy Outings

□ Stroller. If you’re wondering which one to get, check out some mom recommendations here

□ Playmat with toys attached

□ Portable playpen

□ Rear-facing infant car seat with head support padding

□ Toys – Rattle, Musical or chime toy,  squishy balls, infant play gym, bouncing cradles and baby swings

□ Baby carrier/ sling

□ Baby playbooks

□ Sun shade for car windows


for Safety and Security

□ Baby Monitor with 2 receivers. Find the most suitable one here

□ A room thermometer

□ Air Purifier / Humidifier. Find one that’s most suited for your  room here

□ Steamer or vaporizer

□ Plug socket covers, cupboard and window catches

□ Furniture corner protectors

First Aid Kit. A quick checklist to what you must have in your first aid kit

□ Infant and/or child thermometers (both digital and ear or rectal)

□ Colic relief solutions. Find out more about colic here

□ Antihistamines and calamine lotion as recommended by your doctor, for insect bites, hives, and allergic reactions

□ Rubbing alcohol swabs to clean thermometers, tweezers, and scissors

□ Petroleum jelly

□ Antibiotic ointment for cuts and scrapes

□ Irrigating eye wash to rinse irritants from eyes

□ Nasal aspirator bulb (not a pointy-ended ear syringe)

□ Tweezers for removing splinters and ticks

□ Child-safe sunscreen. Find a sunscreen for your child skin type here

□ Child-safe insect repellent. Here’s a range of mommy recommended products, perfect for both warding off and treating that itchy bump

□ An assortment of adhesive bandage strips in various sizes and shapes (for children’s sensitive skin, get the less-sticky kind)

□ Gauze rolls (1/2 to 2 inches wide) and Gauze pads (2 by 2 inches and 4 by 4 inches)

□ Adhesive tape

□ Sterile cotton balls and Cotton-tipped swabs

□  Non-latex gloves

□  An oral syringe or calibrated cup or spoon for administering medicines

□  A hot water bottle and an ice pack

□  A small flashlight to check ears, nose, throat, and eyes


While the list is long, the most important things your newborn needs are your love and attention. Fortunately, that’s free!



By Prerna S Joon