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Five video baby monitors you must checkout

First time parent and the great Baby Monitor Debate on at home? We agree, the world of baby monitors can be a confusing one, even for the technologically-minded!


This baby monitor roundup will prove an invaluable go-to guide.


Dropcam Wi-Fi Wireless Video Monitor/ Nest Cam Pro



What we love

Extremely simple to use. Measuring in at 4.5” x 3.15” x 3.15”(including the stand) the Dropcam Pro is small enough to stash just about anywhere.Two way talk feature is an enhanced version of the original Dropcam HD and the advance imaging feature allows for excellent video quality,even at night.


What could be better:

The camera isn’t weather proof and can’t be placed outside.Also,given the storage capabilities, videos can’t be stored onboard.


Price: INR 25000

Shop this monitor online here


iBaby M6



What we love

Download the app and connect – it’s that simple. A popular one amongst parents around the globe.The camera has excellent image quality and switches to night mode (in a low light zone) automatically. The iBaby M6 also has some extra features , like humidity and temperature monitoring of your baby’s room, voice recording, and preprogrammed lullabies. The pan and tilt capabilities work beautifully and lets you see your baby anywhere in the room.


What could be better:

You could experience a slight lag when the camera or your child moves.


Price: INR 15000

Shop this monitor online  here


Summer Infant Wide View

summer infant


What we love:
With a 5-inch screen, it has the largest screen any baby monitor has to offer for easy pan,tilt and zoom around the room.
Quickly charges and the basic settings (volume,lock screen, image quality) are simple to setup. Given the simple features the battery life is excellent – it lasts almost eight hours with a charge.


What could be better
The audio quality is average and with a relatively short max indoor range of 124 feet and 600 feet outdoors, this baby monitor is best for small homes.


Price: INR 17000

Shop online here


Samsung SEW-3043W BrightVIEW HD



What we love:

Bets mix of image quality, range, features and ease of use – this 5-inch touchscreen LCD has exceptional range and streams high quality video. You can remotely pan and tilt the camera around to your desired position to look at your baby or zoom in to take a better look at the rest of the room.

It’s also equipped with  2-way talk capability, 4 pre programmed lullabies, and  nightlight that will emit a soft glowing light throughout the entire room.


What could be better:

The touchscreen doesn’t work very well, and the lack of an app means remote viewing won’t be possible.It might be a little tough to get your hands on this one in India.


Price: INR 23900

Shop online here


Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor



What we love:

Video is streamed real-time to a slim 3.5 inch LCD color display providing a crystal clear image without grainy or pixelated textures. Long-lasting battery provides reliable charge: 10 hours in power-saving mode, 6 hours with the display screen constantly on. Loaded with three lens capabilities for easy zoom in and out without compromising image quality even with night vision. Also has a  two way talk feature and in -room temperature control system.


What could be better:

More user-friendly features for the not-so technical parents.


Price: INR 18000

Shop online here


Exceptionally user-friendly and high quality digital encrypted monitoring systems, baby monitors have surely come a long way since we were little ourselves!