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I know what you got for lunch today ! Lunchbox ideas to beat mid-week blues

Is your little one a picky eater ? Or you’ve run out of the perfect lunch box ideas ?


Tania Sondhi shares with us an interesting list of lunch box ideas to beat the mid week blues and make those lunch boxes super exciting and colorful !




Success Formula 1 :

Kids love it when their boxes are packed with something new every day and have lots of color and spark and mom’s love it when it’s simple, healthy and delicious :-)


For a school going child – 1 portion of fruit/ veggies + 1 main dish + 1 small serving of dessert should be sufficient.


Ideas to make those fruits and vegetables exciting in the box

Try a nice mixed fruit salad with oranges, pomegranate, grapes and strawberries, throw in couple of apples and pears to increase the fiber intake.


You could alternatively try a vegetable salad – cut the carrots and cucumbers into long slices or in circles, lots of lettuce ( remember to wash them super well) add in couple of walnuts and top it up with a nice yogurt dip. Your little one will love the colors and the yogurt dip helps to keep the salad crunchy and not too dry through the day.



For the main meal 

Small sized Pooris & Parathas : Make them small sized so that they are interesting and convenient to eat. Add color with Methi, Green Peas, Daals or you could think of doing an interesting stuffed paratha.


South Indian : Masala idlis with bell peppers and capsicum. You could also try mini uttappams – add in carrots, coriander, tomatoes & onions to add the brightness to the dish.

Oats Idly -healthy option for a heavy brunch- Low on carbs, made with oats and grated carrots this recipe is just the ticket for the calorie conscious.They also make for perfect bite size food that are nutritious and scrumptious at the same time!


Tip: Use your favourite shaped cookie cutter to add the stars, squares and circles to pooris,parathas,dosas and idlis.


Dhoklas : Some kids love Dhoklas and this is a great way to increase the besan intake rather than doing the kadhi chawal, etc. You could make them tri -colored or in your little one’s favourite colors to make the lunch box exciting.


Moong dal cheela /  Namkeen sewai ( vermicelli with vegetables) : The vermicelli might not be a hot favourite with the little ones, but sometimes it does pass of as glass noodles. Add in a fair share of vegetables and curry leaves and it could be a good alternative to noodles.


Sandwiches, Burgers & Pizzas : While the Jam sandwiches are easy to make, the kids love them initially but constantly want something different. Choose healthier ways of making them with brown bread, healthy vegetables and go low on the cheese content. Try a grilled chicken sandwich with lettuce in case you’ve run of out vegetables the kids love.

Or Skip the usual bread, and grab a panini instead. All you need is mozzarella eggplant-tomato, fresh salad leaves and some grilled  chicken. Grill it for couple of mins and they make for a different sandwich in the box.

You could also try Paneer Bhurji in a wheat bun / footlong – add corn and some chinese sauce to the bhurji to give it a tangy twist.


French toast: Getting your little one to eat just one egg every morning can sometimes be painful and tearful. French toast is a super creative way to disguise the egg and is sure shot success to get your little one to have their daily share of egg!


Wheat Pasta/ Noddles with vegetables : Add lots of broccoli,carrots, beans mushrooms and zucchini to add the extra zing. Add some tomato sauce to keep it non spicy and colorful.


Spicy Quinoa and Oats Porridge/Upma: This recipe is a delicious spicy dish which you can make for breakfast. This covers your daily intake of fiber, protein, and also satisfies the ‘something spicy and yummy’ craving. Easy and quick to make – add in a little bit of coconut chutney for that extra flavor.


Want to add a drink to the lunch box ?

Avoid milk products and lemon juice, they tend to get spoilt when kept in a bottle for too long. You could try coconut water or one of the energy waters – lots of flavour, low on preservatives and the kids love the funky colors they come in.


Utterly -butterly delicious dessert

You could put in a small portion of any homemade or ready made healthy sweet like- a cookie, a granola bar, a laddoo, some dry fruits, a candy, a biscuit, a small piece of dry banana or a walnut cake, Hot Pancakes sandwiched with crushed cooking chocolate pieces inside- by the time your little one eats them at lunch the chocolate chips are perfectly melted.



Remember – you can add ghee,cheese,nuts & chocolate syrup in various dishes to fascinate the kids but remember to use them in moderate quantity. Too much o f it is not too good !



Want to share an interesting recipe you tried with your little one recently ? Share it in the comments below and you could win something special from Silver Rattle.



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By Tania Malhotra Sondhi

She is a doting mother to two beautiful daughters who have added a plethora of love and happiness in her life .She believes Motherhood is a daunting responsibility but at the same time an amazing opportunity. Tania wants to raise her girls with love and compassion, fun and frolic and not the least,discipline.