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Jahnabi Medhi : Letter from my 3 month old

Dearest Mommy,


We both have completed our first quarter successfully. I am three months old now. Can you believe that? Doesn’t it seem it was just yesterday when you first met me.
Well, I must say we both did a splendid job and guess what I have some brownie points for you.


  • I love all your lullabies. Few I have been listening to since I was in your womb and those have become my all-time favourites. Some you have created on your own  Amazing mumma. I make you sing, Wow!
  • I liked all the lovely toys you gave me. They have funny names and you make them dance too.
  •  Oh, how can I forget those lovely sound and texture books. They are so colourful. I do not understand them well but you tell me tales around them and I love all of them. Mumma you know what, you are the best storyteller!
  • Mumma you know all my friends are jealous of me because I have head bands, clips of all colours. You always ensure they match each of my dresses. Love your style. Someday,I’ll be styling you


But Mumma I was a little sad too. You did not take care of yourself. You fell sick and you were crying in pain due to that persistent back ache. If you do not take care of yourself how will you take care of me.

I remember those nights when you were awake every 2 hours to feed me. You dragged your tired body so that I could sleep well. You made me sleep all over again by humming those lovely tunes. I became your focus and while at it you ignored your health. Mumma, this is not accepted.


You have to promise me that you will not ignore your health and you will be absolutely fit to play, dance, sing and make merry with me. We have a long way to go together and this is just the beginning. So promise me that you will be the bestest mommy.


I will again share my happiness next quarter.


Till then take good care of yourself and be the happy mommy I know.


Love always,
Mishi, your little sunshine


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