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oh My God -Mom

You know you’ve become your Mom when…



We’d be lying if we said we’ve always wanted to be like our moms. We love them of course, but we’ve all, at some point, picked out traits of theirs we’ve vowed never to inculcate in ourselves. Until, of course, we knew better.


When we were younger, we didn’t like being disciplined. As teenagers, we believed we knew best about pretty much everything. Having spoken to a bunch of ladies and gentlemen over the years – moms, dads, newlyweds, and even single working 30 somethings – we realised we’ve all, at some point, stopped short of what we’re doing, and acknowledged the inevitable: Oh my god, I’m my mother!


We picked moments we’re pretty sure everyone has been through; moments when this universal truth has smacked us in the face. If you haven’t had your moment yet, well… grab a fork, cause humble pie is going to be served.


Travel Tales

When you’re packing for a trip and find yourself staring at a “to pack” list, a far cry from the days you’d throw a pair of jeans and five tees into a duffel bag. The icing on the cake is when after you check off night cream, day cream, sun block, cleanser and toner, you hit the ultimate mom addition – ‘keds’, aka comfortable shoes for walking.



You know you catch yourself saying “Kids today…!”a lot. Own up already, cause chances are you’ve used that term in a mall or a restaurant, over coffee, in sync with your mom. And if you weren’t the one to use it, you were definitely nodding in agreement!


20 Questions

The guy at the till at Food Hall rolling his eyes at you? Maybe cause you’re asking 20 questions about the new baby formula you’re considering, or the low cholesterol cooking oil, even though all the details are already on the back of the pack. Thank you mom, we’ve learnt how important it is to satisfy all queries before we choose anything for our families.


Hello Hoarder

Wrapping paper, gift bags, weird statues, left over fabric from the suit you got made, an old dupatta with a pretty border – you’re hoarding it all, and you’re convinced you will remember to find use for it really soon. Until you spring clean next year, reminisce, and put it all back into boxes and cupboards to use later.


Mommy Mode

We’re guessing being full of advice and asking 100 questions is part of being a mom, so we’ll let that one slide. You might still be the ‘cool’ mom you vowed you would be when your mom told you off, until… you find yourself telling your little ones exactly what mom said to you – “You won’t understand till you become a mom.” Yes mother, we get it now; you were right…Again!


Wow Beta…

“You’ve grown so much!” We still can’t get over why all moms (and now us) say this. We always knew we were all going to grow. How does this happen to us?


What’s your name?

Mom’s are the most amazing multi-taskers. Guess we only understand that when we run our own homes, and find ourselves calling out everyone’s names before the name of the actual person we’re looking for. Be honest, how many times have you called your little one by the dog’s name?


Out of the Box

You cannot bear the thought of putting minuscule portions of leftovers into boxes and back into the fridge. So you find yourself encouraging everyone at the dinner table to have just one, last, small serving.


That’s dust the way it is

The sleeves of your shirts, and the insides of the bottoms of your t-shirts have small patches of dust, from cleaning specks of dust and dirt off the tops of tables and consoles while walking around the house.


Guess the verdict is in, Moms are awesome (duh!), and mummy knows best, and generation after generation will learn their awesomeness from their moms.


Happy Mothers Day to all the gorgeous Moms out there. We’re so proud we turned out just like you!


Image source: Getty Images