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My Grandmom’s tips and tricks for a great pregnancy

Being pregnant is a huge blessing in itself. But everything comes with a cost and in this case, it’s to take very special care of yourself and your unborn child during pregnancy and  post pregnancy.


In older days, when we didn’t have high tech facilities during pregnancy, both mother and child remained healthy, even today some of the mid wives, swear by those special tips.




My grandmother swore by these easy tips and tricks to ensure not only a super smooth pregnancy but also an easy delivery.


Sharing with you some wisdom of the past along with the changes in the present.


During your pregnancy


    • Oiling very crucial and a critical activity, whenever, you get a tummy itch or you experience swollen feet, just rub olive or coconut oil in that area, rubbing extensively will lead to unwanted stretch marks, also don’t forget to  oil your private parts every day for 9 months for a smoother delivery.


    • Avoid walnuts in the last trimester. Your baby might be prone to white scaling on the scalp and ear pain/infection.


    • If you experience a lot of heartburn during pregnancy, you are likely to give birth to a baby with a lot of hair on the head and visa versa. ( I read this one in book and couldn’t stop smiling).


    • Avoid eating stale food and beverages or left overs or you are likely to have a baby with a lot of body hair.


    • Avoid too much of buttermilk and curd in the last stage of pregnancy. It creates a slippery floor inside the uterus, which hinders with the dropping or engaging process before onset of labour.


    • Increase your daily dose of Calcium, add more milk, yogurt in your diet.


    • Most to be mother’s face a major issue with constipation, easy remedy to this is adding lot of fibre and roughage in your diet, for easy bowel movement, take triphala powder in a hot cup of water and have it early morning, on an empty stomach.


    • Consume lots of fluids/ water to keep yourself hydrated at all times, consume at least 8 to 10 glasses of water daily along with orange juice which is rich in vitamin C, try to keep it all natural.


    • Eat every 2 hrs- include nuts, seeds, and fruits in your diet, avoid caffeine and junk food.


    • Exercise–  if you exercise on a daily basis for atleast 30 minutes, your chances to have normal delivery is more, as it helps to build stamina, better blood circulation and a healthy glow.


    • Completely avoid- smoking, weight lifting, x-rays, and popping pills without your doctor’s recommendation.


    • There will be times, especially during your first trimester, you might feel nausea and don’t feel like eating much, a good substitute to food could be a great blend of smoothies with banana, berries and milk.


    • Also, one can only take a flight travel upto 34 weeks, but train journey is good all through your pregnancy, but yes, avoid long distance bumpy auto, bus, bike  rides.


    • Avoid under cooked meat, as it might still have bacterias which could be harmful to the baby.



Post- delivery
    • Increase the intake of  roasted Lotus seeds and Makhane , add a tea spoon of desi ghee, this not only tastes yummy but also helps increase lactation.


    • The famous Gond Ke Ladoo increases the feed for your baby and helps your body recover post delivery, consume this  post pregnancy ( while they are yum, they are best for winters).


    • Till you are nursing your baby, avoid food and drinks that are either too hot or too cold or the baby will get blisters or a cold/cough.


    • For the first 40 days post-delivery, have luke warm water with fennel seeds in it, this will reduce excessive bloating and can get you back in shape at the earliest.


    • Don’t panic on the weight gain, it’s a journey to be enjoyed and cherished, click as many pictures as possible, create memories.



Currently, our dependency on multi vitamins to fetch nutrients has gone up, add more pre natal supplements, also, don’t forget to focus on wearing comfortable loose cotton clothes along with a good nursing bra even at night during pregnancy, to avoid sagging. Use full body pillows for complete body support because there are chances your back might hurt with the increase in weight


Lastly, don’t forget to spend time with your husband during the process, because once your child is born, you won’t get time for anything !




By Divya Sarin

An HR profession, who loves adventure and experimenting. Divya’s heart lies in beauty and make up. She strongly believes that perfection is boring and we should embrace our imperfections. She loves to share her quick, simple tips on skincare and makeup through her YouTube channel : “NOT So Perfect”