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Podsquad: The subscription box for kids that ships pure imagination!

It’s always an activity to find an ‘activity’ to keep the little ones busy, especially when the weather doesn’t stand by you!


So you can imagine how excited we were to receive the PodSquad – ‘The Crazy Scientist Box’ just before we got back to school this summer!


The ‘Crazy Scientist Box’ explores the magical world of Science, introducing science vocabulary and concepts like magnetism and gravity through hands on activities.




  • The magical box contains three unique activities that kept my daughter and the household busy for hours
  • Each activity comes in a separate reusable string bag with all necessary material, a detailed pictorial instruction leaflet that can be self-read by the child
  • Most of the activities can be done independently by the child and doesn’t require parental involvement
  • All the material that you require is  well-labeled and stocked in the box (including an awesome sand timer), so no scrambling around the house for glue sticks and glitters.
  • The Pod Story Book included in the box is a fun story about a dream journey to the moon to learn all about gravity.
  • The box also contains a list of skills that the child acquires while doing these activities – a great insight on skill development for parents.


Activity 1 : Science Charades Card Game ( This one was our favourite)

The classic charades games with a twist. It contains 30 science cue-cards with interesting facts on one side. Designed to help the child’s science vocabulary and recalling capabilities through enacting the word within the allotted time.


Activity 2 : Secret of Slime

Say hello to messy little fingers! We hadn’t done anything like this earlier, but the instruction leaflet was so well explained that she was able to do everything from learning how different substance react with each other to actually creating her own little glittering slimy !


Activity 3: Magnet Maze Puzzles

Always fascinating to play with magnets! This activity comes with 4 board games where the child needs to navigate through the maze using the magnets and magnetic concepts. A lot of pull, push and attraction here.


All in all, a great box to keep any 4 year old busy.The extensive learning through fun and play stimulates the child’s brain to think independently. I personally loved the eye for detail and how each activity had been curated to enhance a specific skill and learning technique. Specially the ‘Certificate of Achievement’ which you can handover to the child on completion of all activities, definitely a moral booster and a great pin-up on her soft board!


PodSquad is a series of learning tools for children ages 2 to 8 years old, created to help today’s child get a head-start with early learning concepts and skills through fun activities.The learning programme is based on Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligence. The theory states that every child is born with 9 Intelligences  – some more pronounced and some less so. Giving every child the opportunity to explore these, helps us as parents and caregivers to identify their aptitude early on and help them grow in the area they are best at. The activities in PodSquad have been designed keeping specific learning outcomes in mind, and are created to expose children to these 9 Intelligences – or SMARTS.


They have a series of other boxes curated for different age groups and skill, find one that your child would love here


Do visit their website to subscribe online and further product related queries.



By Samvedita Chawla