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Tell your friends your Gift Wish List on Giftistree.com

In Conversation with
Bhavna Kanoria
Founder, Giftistree.com


Have you ever looked at parents to be in a Hollywood movie picking up exquisite bibs,cribs, swaddle blankets , breast pumps, and beeping away at them with a registry gun in their hands, and longed to be able to do something similar yourself?


Or, just had your little one’s first public appearance and wondered looking at the pile of gifts you just acquired “Where in God’s name will I put this 8th massive blanket set for a baby who doesn’t use a single blanket!”


Well, you’re in luck—India’s Premium Gift registry portal, Giftistree.com  is here -‘Making life simple for you and your friends!’


Your ‘Aha Moment’ 


From a fabulous ‘Welcome Baby’ party to unwrapping a massive pile of gifts !


My reactions to these gifts started with “Ooh, that’s pretty” and “Oh that might be useful” but were overtaken very quickly by “What am I going to do with the 5th Sophie the Giraffe teether for a baby who had just started breastfeeding”


Every time a child visited my house or someone else had a baby, my eyes would light up with the hope of gifting them something “useful” from my special cupboard, creating just that little bit of extra space. A few of these gifts even moved into the donation pile rather quickly; and while it felt great to share the joy, I wished people could have read my mind and got me that bubble mat I so wanted for her massage or those bath toys she would love in the tub instead!


And so Giftistree.com was born! A simple concept to make gifting beautiful and useful.




The Concept


Indians culturally Love gifting ! But what used to be a fun, personal and an exciting affair for both the giver and the receiver has now turned in to this tedious, hectic. ‘never want to do’ task.


Another baby shower or your sister’s just had a baby ? You catch yourself scrambling through your own closet or spending hours thinking what would be something they’ll like, something that will be unique and they don’t already have or someone else isn’t planning to gift!


With Giftistree.com, we aim to break this vicious cycle of gifting by getting the host to make a Wishlist of gifts that he/she would like to receive for the occasion, sharing the list with the invitees (friends and family) and getting the invitees to get the hosts gifts of their choice. It’s such a simple concept – you get to actually use all of your gifts, no duplicates and no stocking away in cupboards and boxes.


How does Giftistree Work


You log onto Giftistree.com, BROWSE an array of products offered by our carefully selected merchants and affiliated partners, MAKE A WISH LIST of all the things you want and SHARE the list with Friend and Family.


Your Friends browse through the list, pick the products they want to gift, and get it home delivered right at your doorstep.


Three simple steps , and , Giftistree.com is able to make gifting a whole new experience and ensures you fall in love with un-wrapping gifts all over again!




Your Wish is Our Command


At Giftistree.com, we promise to help you gift and be gifted something that comes in handy and colours a smile. Not only that, if you’re looking to indulge in some shopping for yourself, go right ahead and browse products from our curated vendor partners. You also have the option of adding products from Hopscotch, Amazon, Pepperfry, Flipkart or Snapdeal while making your gift wishlist.


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What can we find in the Giftistree treasure box?


From customized Maternity & New Born Photo shoots to soft breathable diaper covers,  Super soft organic cot bedding collections to DIY activity boxes, delicate handcrafted clothing for the little ones and mommy-to- be, we’ve got everything you’re possibly looking for covered.


What’s more, you also have the option to help unprivileged widows and children through Giveindia and Dream a dream donation vouchers.


Checkout our fun e-invites tool here  


Here’s Silver Rattle’s favourite picks on Giftistree




Let the celebrations begin!


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