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The Cot Buying guide every new parent needs

Ten years ago, finding a cot was simple – you either inherited one from a friend or you could get your local furniture contact to quickly make a basic one for you. However, today the options are so many and the features so advance, that find the ‘perfect’ cot can fluster any pregnant brain.


We’ve put together a quick guide and a list of mom recommendations to help you choose the best bed for your baby.


What to look for when buying a new baby crib




  • Ensure that the cot is deep enough to prevent a child from falling out. The depth between the top of the mattress and the drop side should be at least 15cm when the drop side is down.
  • There shouldn’t be any footholds in the cot that your child could use to climb out.
  • The mattress must be firm and should fit well inside the cot.Gaps at the sides are a suffocation risk – your baby could roll face-first into them.
  • Any large space or opening must be between 3 cm and  5 cm to stop your baby from either getting caught or falling out.
  • Check for any sharp edges or anything sticking out or pointing up that could hit a child’s head or snag on their clothing
  • For safety, all components of the bed should be permanently fixed or must require the use of a tool to take apart.
  • If you are choosing a second-hand cot, be sure that the cot meets international norms and standards.Do your research about what this entails and be aware that cot hardware can wear out with age and being assembled and disassembled many times.




  • Get teething strips to avoid cots being chewed on. Babies turn into toddlers very quickly and many a designer crib has had its rails turned into mincemeat by a bout of teething.
  • Consider one with wheels (castors). Castors make the cot easier to move around, but there should be lockable brakes on at least two wheels.
  • Consider getting a convertible cot that can be used as a toddler bed in due course. Many cots come with conversion kits and others have kits you can buy once you need them.


Ease of Use
  • Check the dimensions of the fully-assembled cot and how well it will fit into your room. Bulky cots might look nice off a shelf, but might just not fit well into your room.
  • While you only need to do it the first time, consider choosing one that is easy to assemble.


Different types of baby cots


There are many different varieties of baby cots available in the market. Below are some of the most popular designs.


Standard baby cot




This is probably the crib you grew up in. Standard cribs come with four fixed sides and slats.They are the inexpensive type of cots available in the market but are sturdy and long lasting. The downside of these kind of cots are that they lack modern feature and are difficult to move around the house.


Convertible baby cot




Also known as lifetime cots, convertible cots are designed to grow with your baby. They can be converted into one or more different types of furniture – standard cot, day bed, toddler bed or single bed.  Be mindful that you may need to purchase a conversion kit in order to transform your cot. These cots are more expensive but work as a long term bedding solution.


Portable baby cot




A portable baby cot, also known as a folding cot is essentially a cot on wheels (casters). The wheels make movement simple. Once you have your baby cot in the desired position, you simply use the locks on each wheel to lock it into place. With the locks on, the baby cot will be unable to roll away. These kind of cots are good where space is limited, however, you will need to constantly double check the locks.


Travel Cot




In case you are constantly on the go, the travel cot is easy to assemble and dismantle and actually folds into a bag that you can carry on an aircraft. While this is not a permanent bedding solution, it’s convenient for all the travel you have planned.


Multipurpose cot




A multi purpose baby cot incorporates one or more other pieces of furniture into its design. This does make the cot look bulkier but is an easy option if you want to avoid buying multiple furniture pieces around the nursery.


Mom recommended brands and stores for Cots 


In case you are looking to customize :


  • Abracadabra Kids at GK N Block Market, New Delhi have multiple options available in store and also customize depending on your preference.
  • Awesome Snoozie makes customized cots that adhere to international norms.
  • Baby Select for bespoke, custom designed baby furniture.
  • Crreo has a fun, eco-friendly and whimsical line of furniture for children and makes customized cribs to match your nursery design


In case you want something off the shelf:


  • Durable, versatile and beautiful, Graco has multiple options and is available online here
  • Stokke has a wide range of cots, the most popular one being the  SleepiTM bed, four-in-one concept.  They are available online here
  • Mothercare the unanimous decision for moms all over the globe has a catalog full of cots.Don’t forget to check out the Multipurpose Harrogate which comes with storage – it’s convenient, easy and loaded with features.


Here is to a comfortable baby sleep time ahead. Tell us what worked well for you in the comments below.