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Hand & Foot

The Perfect Newborn Handprints & Footprints for your baby book

I clearly remember marveling at my little one’s tiny little toes and soft, chubby hands and feeling quietly chuffed at the perfection I had created.


Shortly after having these thoughts, it crossed my mind that I should ‘capture the moment’. What followed was a mess of paints, inks and plaster as I craved the perfect imprints for my ‘First Baby Book’.


Hand & Foot

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So if you’ve been wondering How To Get The Perfect Newborn Handprints & Footprints for your baby book sitting at home, some of these ideas should work perfectly well.

From around the house : 

Turmeric : Mix a little bit of organic turmeric with water to get a semi-thick paste. The imprints are long lasting and have a beautiful orangish – yellow color. Remember to do a quick reaction test on your little one before you get to work though!

Saffron : Mix with water. This one comes off easily from the child’s hand and is completely non toxic.

Lipstick : This can be a bit messy and a little tough to wash off, but if you are up for some fun – this one is long lasting and works beautifully.

Beetroot : Beetroot juice mixed with a little bit of corn starch will give you a lovely colour and is completely safe.


From outside the house: 

Crayola Washable Paint: These are non-stick washable paints and completely safe. Shop online here

ELC Paint Pad : A fun and mess free way to paint, these big non-toxic washable pads are ideal for making hand and foot print pictures. Shop online here

Melissa & Doug Finger Paint Set: Dip those little fingers into a jar of this gel-like washable finger paint. It comes in a set of 4 vibrant colors. Shop online here

Pearhead Baby Prints Set : Just press their tiny hand or foot into the non-toxic, soft air-drying clay to capture the precious imprint.  There’s absolutely no mixing, no baking, and no mess! If you make a mistake – no problem!  You can redo it as many times as you need until you get the perfect impression. This one comes with a frame too.Shop online here

If you are looking for some one to professionally, have a look at  THE DIRECTORY


Tell us what you used to get the perfect hand and foot prints for your baby?


By Prerna S Joon
Community Manager – Parent Talk