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The story of my two pink lines


We had recently moved to Gurgaon and with all the shifting schedules and a history of an irregular monthly cycle, I had just ignored the fact that I had missed my dates!


However, a week later, when things settled and I calculated back – I decided to do a home pregnancy test.


I ripped off the packaging, fumbled for the instructions, and took off the cap- Ready for the test! I saw the color moving across the result window – Two pink lines!


No way. I double-checked the instructions: one line for negative, two lines for positive. I didn’t believe it.  I needed more proof. Elated I informed my husband and we both decided to go for a blood test to re-confirm. The next day when the reports came in, it showed negative. My husband said maybe it’s not time as yet.


Not very convinced I proceeded with another home pregnancy test. The two pink lines popped up one more time and another blood test was the call. To my utter disappointment, the reports were negative again. I emailed the reports to my husband and the phone rang.


“YOU ARE PREGNANT’ is the first thing he said! You read the reports all wrong. Your HCG levels have increased in 48hrs!


I couldn’t believe my ears and then read the reports all over again. With a smile on my face I thought, “This is the start to motherhood silliness –  I was going to have a baby!’


Doctors’ advice, parents joy, our own happiness all emotions wrapped up I started imagining about my little bundle of joy.   Weekend get-togethers, shopping, hanging out with friends, a surprise baby shower, going to office everything seemed so exciting with me being the centre of attention.


Barring the morning sickness on and off in my first trimester all went well throughout. I didn’t have too much of a sweet tooth, but during this period – they surely were my best friends. Ice-cream cravings and any form of sweet were standard midnight snacks.




As I entered my third trimester my excitement levels had gone up and I was eagerly waiting for my child to be born. However, there were no signs of labour and my 39th week was about to end. My Doctor advised for a C- section immediately.With high level of nervousness and anxiousness and the car full of hospital bags, files,etc – we were ready!


My husband was never the kind who would be in the labor room or in the operation theatre. But to my surprise he was sitting next to my operation table holding me throughout.


And then came the big moment as I could hear the baby crying. Suddenly there was noise all around and I could see my little one wrapped in a green towel. The nurse immediately got my little baby girl close to me and I could feel her skin against mine. What a sense of relief and warmth. Friends, relatives, parents all were eagerly waiting to have a glimpse of the little one. Happiness, joy, excitement prevailed in the room. After settling down, the nurse placed my little angel on my lap. She had opened her eyes slowly and I could see my reflection in them.


I knew this was our creation for a lifetime – Period.


If heaven exits anywhere then this was it. Nothing was so miraculous, beautiful and blissful than holding your own child for the very first time.


Welcome to Motherhood – the most rewarding job on the planet!


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By Jahnabi Medhi 

A professional for 10 years, now on a life changing journey as a full-time mommy. Exploring new places, meeting different people, reading anything that gives my heart solace has been my passion all these years only to be placed in the back burner now with my little angel taking all over. A blogger by chance, writing random thoughts and things that touch my soul help me rejuvenate my mind and body