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Pregnancy and Wellness : What you need to know



Whether you’re planning your first baby, or already hold the title ‘Mom’, each pregnancy is unique and brings with it a different experience. While there is lots of information to help you maintain a healthy pregnancy, the act of childbirth itself can seem a bit overwhelming to many first-time parents. That’s where wellness and childbirth education classes come into play.


Each session is interactive, informative and geared to instill confidence, while dispelling common fears and myths. At Zaazen, we offer the following:


Research shows that a carefully planned and executed exercise routine is essential during pregnancy (remember to check with your doctor about  the pace that is good for you). From belly dancing to prenatal fitness and yoga – the right kind of exercise will ensure that you stay fit, and above all – strengthen muscle groups, such as the abdominal and pelvic floor muscles, that play a big role during labour and birth. Exercise during pregnancy is extremely important, due to the number of ways in which it will benefit you (and your little one). Improved sleep and less fatigue, release of endorphins (which help with stress and anxiety), increase in the strength, flexibility and endurance of muscles needed for childbirth, and developing breathing patterns and techniques that help immensely at the time of labour, are only a few.



Educational classes related to birth will cover everything from labour and delivery to breastfeeding and newborn care. These include detailed sessions for expectant parents, to help them understand what to look forward to during pregnancy and the kind of care they will need to provide their babies with. Whichever birthing method you choose, the classes will have you covered, with a holistic focus based on informed consent (risk, benefit and alternative) and pathways to prepare you mentally, emotionally and physically for your best birth.



Prenatal massages are highly recommended for any stage of pregnancy. These massages help ease muscle tension, relieve sore spots, enhance blood circulation,  and help with over all relaxation and well being of the body as it makes room for your baby. If you decide to get a massage while you are pregnant, please ensure that your massage therapist has a thorough understanding of prenatal massage techniques and pressure points.


Apart from the expected benefits associated with taking these classes,  another very important aspect is meeting other expecting mums who are going through the same thing as you. At Zaazen, we have seen that a  lot of the women that come to our classes and workshops are first time mums, and may even be the first within their friend circles to have a baby. This is a great way for expecting mums to connect with and meet one another. We have seen that the women become a real support for each other as they spend time both before and after classes discussing, giving advice, and offering insights from their own experiences, which go a long way. They go on to form an emotional bond with one another that stays with them long after classes are over and much after they have had their babies. The idea that we are facilitating long lasting relationships and support systems between these new mothers is extremely rewarding, and a big part of why we do what we do.

The aim of a prenatal wellness centre should be to create a space where women feel safe and looked after  – physically, mentally, and emotionally.  And at Zaazen, that is what we strive to do here,  every day.


This article has been authored by Jayati Sehgal (Director – Zaazen Wellness). Read more about Zaazen here

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Zaazen Wellness is a holistic pre and postnatal wellness centre, started by Jayati Sehgal, which is directed towards fulfilling the needs of expecting and new mothers. Services include prenatal yoga, pre and postnatal fitness & strengthening, pre and postnatal massages, childbirth preparation classes on labour and delivery, lactation counselling, among others.The idea that pregnancy is an expression of health, wellness and creativity is the foundation of Zaazen Wellness