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I promise I’m not going to be “that wife”- The Nagging Wife

When you get married you swear to yourself that you are never going to be “that wife”.


The nagging wife , the wife who’s hair looks like she has just crawled out of bramble when her husband walks in, the wife who’s voice has the boom of a marching drum  – and yet 12 years down the line and 2 kids later here I am. The critical detail here is 2 kids later !


Every ounce of my patience is squeezed out of me by these little mutts. So, when my spouse makes his grand entrance post office at 7.30 pm he walks into what can only be described as a scene equivalent in fury to the Battle at Blackwater Bay ( I could not go without a Game of Thrones reference).


I am screaming at my 7 year old for homework not being done , my 2 1/2 year old (who’s personality puts the fear of God in most men) is having a meltdown, Barney is diligently emphasising the important of ” please” and “thank you ” on the giant screen and the 60 year old Bengali nanny is rendering a hysterical tirade. My husband briefly looks like he wants to do a 180 but considers the alternative ( me rendering a tirade in the pitch of the Bengali Nanny) and stays.


A hug from the kids is the perk for sticking around. All I want to do is step out on the terrace and have a chilled glass of Sauvignon Blanc with him but instead I make him chug a Nimboo Pani and coax him into entertaining the terrorising toddler.


If it happens to be an evening where we have to go out, I have this martyr like exhausted look on my face and I make a rushed attempt at trying to transform my appearance into something more exotic. I get the customary comment about my weight and he gets the customary punch and talking to about my child raising/ stress related eating issues.


There begins the excitement for the evening.  My inner voice is telling me ” you are becoming the old ball and chain”. It’s not like I don’t know it but my brain and tongue  are on autopilot. The exhaustion of parenthood gets the better of me and and I turn into a fire breathing Punjabi Behemoth.


But God is kind, kids grow up, men are thick skinned, grapes turn to wine and wine gives you perspective . ” Hallelujah ” . I say to myself ” this too shall pass” and give him a cuddle and make passé jokes about Donald Trump, while he makes promises about being more hands on ( we’ll see about that ).


For now I decide let’s leave it at that and kiss goodnight. Tomorrow is a new day.


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By Mandira Ahuja
Seven years and two kids in the game, she believes there are two fundamental things that every mother has to give their children.The first, is a sense of security and the second is a strong value system that guides their decision making . The sleepless nights, the grey hair, the stress eating, the chipped fingernails all seem worthwhile when you see the fruits of of your labour stand strong.