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10 Signs that you’re now a Toddler Mom

Missing the squishy baby cheeks, the itsy bitsy onesies and the Johnson baby powder smell ?


Well Welcome to being a Toddler Mom (Leaving baby stage is bittersweet!)


So besides just having celebrated her 1st birthday, Here are 10 ways to tell you’re baby is no longer a baby. Enjoy the last of the newborn snuggles, the new baby smell, interesting poop colors –  until they last mommies!




Food will only be eaten if it’s served a certain way

Because triangle sandwiches are the yummiest things on Tuesday but ‘I just don’t like them mom’ on Thursdays.

‘I want to wear …’ becomes a part of the baby dictionary

Goodbye adorable onesies. Hello pants that are two sizes too big and pyjama shirts worn during the day. And most of the outfits have to be two pieces,matching with hair clips and accessories.Don’t even get me started on shoes.

Designer tables around home become jungle gyms and the gre

And seeing your designer cushions on the floor become a common feature. Because it’s better to have a safe landing spot when your little one decides to climb up on the table, out of the cot or swim across the living room lounge.

Who knew that the living room can be so entertaining for a little person that has just learnt to climb and walk.

Potty training replace baby poop color discussions

Catch yourself knowing more about potty training than what’s happening around the world? Well, Baby poop explosions disappear. But so do the nappies. And your need for heavy duty cleaning supplies increases tenfold.

‘Let’s decode’ becomes your favourite game every night

Remember when your baby’s form of communication was mostly through dooh, coos and squeals? Oh, and screams, of course. Well the screams stick around but instead of those adorable baby sounds, you most likely get aggressive hand movements with that new word “no” – and perhaps “mama” thrown in for good measure too. And it’s up to you to decipher what in the world she is pointing at and what she even wants or doesn’t want with it.

Good luck at decoding toddler language – ‘Beeya Beeya pickle’  – any guess what that might mean ?

Standing up in the pram becomes much more fun than actually sitting in it

And thus, relaxing afternoon walks become a battle of wits to see if you can convince your little one to remain the right way around and securely strapped into the pram for the duration of the stroll.

Usually you lose and end up letting bub walk beside you which takes 100 million times longer and results in you stopping every six seconds to stare at a bug.

Swaddle signals playtime, not sleep time

Wrap,unwrap, repeat – you learn the swaddle game quick. You master the skill of playing find me, hide me, look for me games!

You can play dumb charades, Taboo, Antakshari on Nursery Rhymes 

And you’ll be a clear winner. Because, you know them backward, forward, in between , in actions, in words and basically in every form. You can literally sing them even if you’re woken up at 3am!

She loves your phone more than Elsa and Lego

You will be amazed at how quickly they can swipe your phone, watch their favorite cartoon or  type your pass code faster than you!

And, finally, your little one starts to showcase just how much you mean to her

Through a kiss. And a proper hug. And an “I love you”. Oh, and through pointing and screaming your name at the top of her lungs. Naturally.

But, as all mums know and new parents will soon learn, no matter how old our little ones get, they will always be our babies. And we will always be there for them.


When did you realize that your baby had become a toddler? Share your story in the comments below





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