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10 Things You Can Relate To If You Grew Up With A Brother

Raksha Bandhan


Crazy yet very caring, a bully at times yet very sophisticated; this is how your brother is. You grew up together with those silly fights over who mom loves more, pulling each other’s hair apart, screaming at one another, teasing, pillow fights until you realized he is your best buddy and one you’re going to have for life. He is the perfect solution to fight off your boredom, your partner in the craziest things ever and the one who’s going to always have your back.


Here are 9 reasons why your brother is and will always remain your first best friend!


Need advice – call B-R-O-T-H-E-R


10 reason why your brother is your best friend


Good, bad, ugly – what ever advice you need, your brother will always give the soundest advice sans the gossip and the judgement. Whether it’s asking for advice about how to cure a bad hangover or to tell him you saw Rowan Atkinson, you know your brother will give you undivided attention like no one else.


He will always be your first and best room- mate


10 reasons why your brother is your best friend-2


Despite the endless fights on switch off the light or ‘this is my side of the bed’ ! Or trying to grab food off his plate because it always looked more exciting than yours.He taught you the values of caring, loving and sharing and of course fighting ( survival of the fittest eh!)


He Keeps all your secrets




While he’ll tease you mercilessly for them, , you’re sure he’s never going to expose you or your secrets. Whether it’s about a date night you’re going to or a report card that you want to keep away from the parents, he keeps it all to himself.


He’ll always be your first role model


Fun Gif


From learning how to shoot hoops to teaching you how to change car gears, you’ve always wanted to ape him, including wearing his overgrown clothes and believing you look like one fashion diva!


He’s over protective



He might be the first one to lock you up in the fridge and pull your hair to a point where you might need a wig, but he’s bro-in-charge outside. He’s most defensive when things go wrong in life. Whether it’s tricky social situations, or flat out bullying, your brother never allows someone else to hurt you.


You have your own language


10 reasons why your brother is your best friend


From playing pranks on a distant aunt or cribbing about the boring party your parents have dragged you to. You have words and weird private jokes from when you were little that is a language of it’s own.The chances are your texts literally wouldn’t make sense to anybody else.


He exactly knows your moods and knows how to cheer you up


He’s seen you at your best and worst but he has this knack of bringing the smile back on your face every single time. You both grew up watching the same comedy shows and telling jokes. Your humor is one in the same. The best part of it all is that however low you might feel, he will always be there to cheer you up


He takes your side all the time




Irrespective of the differences and the fights, he takes your side when the world seems against you. From standing up for you for late night outings to drinking your glass of milk before mom catches you – he’s always a friend, a parent and a savior, he’s so much more to you than just a brother.


Your bills are always covered by his wallet


10 reasons why your brother is your best friend


Broke or no broke, his wallet will always have enough to fund your shopping bills or to bail you out at a restaurant you’ve over ordered. Need money ? Dial – a -brother !


And like they say, be nice to your siblings, they are your best link to your past and the people most likely to stick with you in the future !


Here’s wishing all the super brothers a Very Happy Raksha Bandhan!


Love thy Brother ? Share with us what’s the one fun thing you like about growing up with a brother in the comments below.