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5 DIY Activity Kit Subscriptions For Kids That You Didn’t Know About

With the heat levels at an all time high, it can be hard coming up with fun things that are engaging, energizing and avoids outdoors for the kids !


These subscription boxes help you take the guesswork and grunt work out of the equation and allows you to just focus on the fun.


Oxzyromon Treasure Box



The great thing about the boxes sent by Oxzyromon is that they send you multiple activities based on the theme you pick. This helps you ration them out through the month so you don’t find yourself twiddling your thumbs with your kids for weeks after completing an activity.

Each box is loaded with a storybook, three to four games/ puzzles/ experiments/DIY activities for the kids. It even includes interesting parenting and nutrition tips for moms & dads.

They have close to 7 unique themes to pick from, we’ve been crushing over the ‘Things that fly’, perfect if you’re travelling with the kids this summer.


Price: INR 1050/ month

Age group : 3 to 7 years

Get your box  here


Curious Cobo

curius cobo


This one combines traditional pedagogical methods with modern material applications to reinforce the concepts of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Math. Each subscription box comes with 4 DIY activities, a detailed instruction manual ( which talks about messiness scale and parental involvement ) and also has an activity mat to keep the mess off the study table.

In addition to the subscription box they also have learning game boxes that are theme based and focus on developing social,cognitive and physical skills.


Price: INR 695/ month

Age group : 3 to 8 years

Get your box  here





These boxes are packed with innovative learning tools for kids, to promote independent play so that children learn through discovery and repetition. Based on the Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligence(musical-rhythmic, visual-spatial, verbal-linguistic, logical-mathematical, bodily-kinesthetic, interpersonal, intrapersonal, and naturalistic,existential), each box targets three or more ‘Intelligences’, and by the end of the designed learning programme, children would have explored all nine ‘Intelligences.’

We love the crazy scientist box that which introduces concepts like magnetism and gravity through hands on activities.


Price: INR 999/ month

Age group : 2 to 8 years

Get your box here


GlobeTrotter Box



Inspire your young explorers to discover the world with Globe Trotters – a fun learning and creative box designed to inspire creativity and curiosity. Each subscription box contains 4 to 5 activities that revolve around a country. Activities will vary from art and crafts to simple puzzles games, souvenirs and more. The first box comes with a large world map illustrated with landmarks and animals of the world. So don’t be surprised if your little one is on a wildfire safari in Africa in the first month or making an Ancient Egyptian wristband in the third.


Price: INR 649/ month

Age group : 4 to 12 years

Get your box here





A book subscription box every month, delivered to your doorstep for your kids. This box brings some of the best publishers to you – Harper Collins, Katha,Penguin Random House, Pan Macmillan, Westland, Duckbill Books, Little Latitude and FunOkPlease. Each box consists of 2 books, collectables, activities, author cards (explaining about the authors to parents and children) and an activity sheet as a guide. Each box has a theme and it’s fun to see the reflection diary which comes with each box that children can use to share their ideas, titles, exercises that you can do with them if you have read the book.


Price: INR 1000/ month

Age group : 5 to 12 years

Get your box here