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5 Trending Birthday Party Themes for Kids

Whether you’re looking for the basics, or to go the extra mile this year, here are some trending themes for kids’ birthday parties, with lots of scope for DIY decor and giveaways!

Red Carpet Theme

bdaytheme_redcarpetImage source: pinterest.com, catchmyparty.com


It is after all, someone’s day in the spotlight!

Decor: Roll out a red carpet, call it the VIP walkway, and hire a photographer who can do prints for you fast. If you’re looking to go the extra mile, create a birthday bash oriented backdrop that kids can take pictures against, and arrange for spotlights. These pictures make for awesome birthday party giveaways.
Games: Buy mini trophies (they are available at party stores, and even in the likes of Lajpat and Sarojini Nagar), that resemble awards, and make the kids give speeches to win. You could also design customised certificates and hand them out.
Food & Drinks: Plastic Champagne glasses make for great exclusivity props. stack them like a champagne tower and pour coke till it filters to the bottom most glasses, for added drama.

Camping Theme:

The great part is, the kids help with the set up!


Image source: karaspartyideas.com, pinterest.com, popsugarmoms.com


Decor: Set up a mini camp site of sorts, with small tents the kids can easily pitch, and hang out and play in. This idea can also be executed indoors.
Games: Ghost-story telling sessions around the campfire or a movie screening make for great activities. You can also set up a scavenger hunt! You could also play jungle sounds and have the children identify them. eg. rustling of leaves, running water, animal sounds, fire, chirping of birds etc.
Food & Drinks: Hand the kids a water bottle and a packed bunch of snacks/popcorn, as if they are on a real trek! You could even hand them out in mini backpacks, which then make for great giveaways. You could also set up a bbq corner and serve them hotdogs and burgers and roasted jacket potatoes. Each kid can also wrap their own potato, and choose from add-ons like butter & cheese.

Beach Theme Party

The ocean is your oyster! (Sea what we did there?)

bdaytheme_beachImage source: dinneratthezoo.com, catchmyparty.com, kenarry.com


Decor: Hello Tikki Bar! Arrange wicker baskets of flip flops & colourful shades for kids to pick up and wear. You can even do floral garlands and shell necklaces, grass skirts for girls and floral shirts for the boys. Make a sand pit, with spades and buckets for the kids.
Game: Set up beach chairs and umbrellas. Set up a few baby splash pools. Get bottles of bubble blower and hand them out. Let the kids dig for treasure in the sand pit. Divide them into groups and challenge them to build tall sand castles!
Food & Drinks: A little food colour can go a long way for a theme party. Make blue mocktails called “sea water” and serve with little umbrellas and straws with flowers. You can do star shaped sandwiches, what we like to call “starwiches”, and for dessert – blueberry jelly in clear cups with fish shaped jellies set in them!

Mermaid Theme

bdaytheme_mermaidImage source: republic-of-party.myshopify.com, catchmyparty.com, craftiniessisnotoptional.com


Decor: This one’s for just the little ladies, but so much fun! Give all the girls colourful pearl necklaces as they walk in, with net flower brooches. Hang colourful streamers from lanterns to make them look like octopus.
Games: Paint & decorate little treasure chests. Print a mermaid cutout on a sun board, with the face cut out, for the girls to get their pictures taken. These also make for a great giveaway. Kids can play treasure hunt, with clues hidden in the treasure chests, or even have to pin the legs on the Octopus, while blindfolded.
Food & Drinks: Do cake lollies in pastel shades and call them pearls of the sea. You can also arrange octopus or sea horse shaped cookies. Serve chips with dip, and call it seaweed dip, and chill all the drinks in a baby pool.

Circus Theme

Well hello you little party animals!

bdaytheme_circuspsdImage source: catchmyparty.com


Decor: Give all the kids a clown nose and colouful wigs, or clown hats. Create a clown cut out for photo ops, or hire a clown (maybe daddy will be willing to play the part?!) to interact with the kids.
Games: Ball pools for kids to play in, empty cans piled in a pyramid for kids to knock down with a ball, face painting booths, hula hoops, pin the tail on the elephant, throw the ball through the clown face – basically, you can go to town with this theme! Just think lots and lots of colour.
Food & Drinks:There’s no fooling around with this menu, it’s serious business! candy, Root beer floats, coke and vanilla ice cream floats, hot dogs and mini burgers, popcorn bags, candy bags, and for dessert – mini colourful cupcakes and doughnuts.


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