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6 Myths About New Borns You Shouldn’t Believe

New Born Myths


The one things that’s free flowing the minute you enter parenthood is ‘free’ & ‘unlimited’ advice. Yes, it can be overwhelming and in the hype of ‘perfect parenting’, quite mind-boggling too!


Let’s help you by dispelling 6 myths about new parenthood.


Myth #1: Babies need silence to sleep – FALSE


Dark room and pin drop silence is what we create to prolong a new borns’ sleepy time. Babies are used to sleeping around noise: remember they’ve spent nine months growing inside their Mamas beside a rhythmically whooshing placenta. They are used to noise, and they quite like it.


Myth #2: My baby is constipated because she has not had a bowel movement in few days – FALSE


Agree, we’ve never discussed poop more in our lives than when we become parents, and there is so much we don’t know regarding what’s normal and what’s worrisome—and when things change, we may think something is wrong. If your baby is comfortable and stool consistency is not hard or looks like pellets or has blood in it, then it is not likely that he or she is constipated.


Myth #3: Babies are more comfortable and sleep better when placed on their bellies – FALSE

Tummy sleeping increases the possibility of the baby “re-breathing” its exhaled air instead of fresh air. Babies should always be placed on their backs to sleep, to reduce the risk of SIDS.


Myth #4: If a baby is cold, they’ll get a cold – FALSE


Even though it’s easy to worry about your little bundle of joy getting sick and catching a cold when she is chilly – never fear, science says she can’t. Even though some studies have suggested that short-term exposure to cooler weather can possibly alter the immune system of an individual, there is more evidence to support covering up and getting outdoors. So get on her favourite beanie and head out for some fresh air, and leave your worries behind.


Myth #5: Green snot is bad – FALSE


You see green snot and catch yourself dialing the pediatrician. Hold on, green snot is actually an indicator that the body is working hard with the immune system to make us healthier. Who would have thought?


Myth #6: When the baby cries for the long time he gets tired– FALSE


Parents think that when the newborn cries, he gets tired. But that’s not true. Crying makes your baby’s heart and lungs strong. When the baby cries, it actually makes their respiratory system better. It is kind of a practice which makes the baby stronger. So, do not worry parents. Let your baby cry a bit. Do not get overprotective when the little one cries.


Being a new parent has it’s own share of doubts along with joys – follow your instincts, ask a doctor when in doubt and you’ll be absolutely fine!