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6 of the Coolest New Toys Coming Out This Year

For 4 days every February, the International Toy Fair turns New York City’s Javits Center into Toyland. With every major toymaker on the planet — and 10 times that many you’ve never heard of — displaying more than 150,000 products, it was only natural we’d acquaint you with what’s in store, for when you travel next!




Nerf Rebelle Platinum Bow

The newest release from Nerf’s line is the largest Nerf bow ever; it stands more than 4-feet tall and includes the line’s first adjustable sight, to help fire giant 24-inch composite arrows more than 100 feet, with freakish accuracy! If you weren’t in the know already, Nerf’s arrow is targeted towards girls, possibly those chasing their brothers who’ve tormented them for years. Go get’em girls!
Nerf Rebelle Platinum Bow (INR 4000, Available Fall 2016)




Barbie Fashionistas, Careers, President And Vice President

Mattel made us all sit up and pay attention when it announced its new Barbie Fashionista line, featuring 4 new dolls that resemble actual humans. The traditional, tall, curvy, and petite body shapes come in 7 skin tones, 22 eye colors, 30 hair colors, 24 hair styles, and 14 face sculpts, so just about every kid can find a Barbie to which they can physically relate. Barbie also now has new career options and political aspirations, represented in the President And Vice President set. Hello positive messaging!
Barbie Fashionista, Barbie Careers (INR 600, Available Spring 2016)
Barbie President And Vice President (INR 1500, Available Fall 2016)


Edwin The Duck

Edwin is the world’s first smart rubber duck! You can connect him to your smartphone or tablet, and experience some awesome ways of learning. The traditional rubber Duckie is now a nightlight, a Bluetooth speaker, and an app-connected toy that plays games, tells stories, and sings songs! It even plays white noise and sings lullabies, and yes, it’s still water tight. and it still squeaks.
Edwin The Duck (INR 6000). Shop here





Loog hasn’t stopped making their build-it-yourself, 3-string, beginner acoustic and electric guitars that both look and sound great! They’ve curated the printed instructions and Loog Academy online lessons into a functional, simple app packed with chord charts, song lessons, a tuner, and a 3-speed metronome disguised as a hand-clapping monkey. Easy and enjoyable!
Loog Guitars (INR 20000). Shop here


Mixed By Me Thinking Putty Kit



Hello glittery, glow-in-the-dark putty that can turn a near-infinite number of colors and never dries. Start with a blob of clear Thinking Putty, press it together with a pinch of other Thinking Putty, and mash it up. These kits come with 3 color mixers, 3 special effects, and 5 tins of the clear putty, but you can keep buying tins for more colors and more effects.
Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty: Mixed By Me Thinking Putty Kit (INR 2500). Shop here




Until the kids learn to code (because doesn’t everybody nowadays learn to code?), the can construct robots with Cubelets. The blocks have embedded magnets that let them snap together to form robots of any shape. Each block has a tiny computer inside it, and can communicate with its neighboring block. The blocks can be programmed to sense light and temperature, or have little motors to help them move around. Umm kids, can we play too?

Cubelets ( INR 4200) Shop here


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