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Mother in hospital bed holding newborn baby girl

6 ways to deal with visitors after the birth of your baby

Congratulations on your bundle of joy! And welcome to the world of having visitors, more visitors and even more visitors!


Mother in hospital bed holding newborn baby girl


While a packed house is always great fun – the hustle bustle sometimes can be quite unnerving for mommy dear!


Here are things to consider:


Decide on your rules

Discuss with your partner how you feel about visitors meeting and holding your baby. Having a baby can be pretty overwhelming, and if you’re like most new parents, taking care of your newborn’s fragile immune system is a top priority, which means that snotty toddlers and anyone with a cold is to keep their distance from your new baby. Have you thought about who you’d like to cuddle your baby, and how the visit must last.


Decide the right place and right time

There is the endless debate about whether the hospital or home is the right place to have visitors come and see you and your new born – but it’s up to you to tell them if you’d prefer to wait until you’re home.Lots of parents want to take the time to settle in with their baby and get breastfeeding going before they let people visit, and if this sounds like you, put it out there. You’re the parents, and you’re in charge.


It’s not a party

Don’t play host and get into the serving, asking and doing chores around the house. This is your time to rest and be looked after so keep your bottom firmly planted in your seat and ask someone else to put the kettle on.  This is also worth remembering if you have people coming to stay with you when your baby arrives. Make sure they are there to help you and not just to enjoy cuddles with your baby while you get on with running the household.


Hello OCD

Look around and you probably see more hand sanitizer bottles around the house than humans – it’s officially allowed!If you want to ensure that people who enter your house have clean hands, are germ free and vaccinated appropriately, then go ahead and say it – we promise no one is judging you.Trust me, dealing with an affronted family member is way easier than dealing with your baby’s first illness.


Spread out the visitors

‘Everyone Loves thy Baby’ and wants to meet the child immediately. That, or they feel obliged to see the baby immediately. Either way, try to spread them out as much as you can so you can get settled and enjoy everyone’s company long after the fanfare typically dies down. Try not to book too far in advance either, you seriously may feel great the day after you give birth and feel completely exhausted 2 days later. It’s a change your body takes times to adjust to.


Be candid and honest

It’s your show mommy – let visitors know if it’s feeding time or rest time for mommy. Everyone understands, but it’s important you let them know.Ask for help around the house – whether it’s picking up something from across the house or organizing something around the room. Don’t try to do everything on your own – it’s the first few days,save the energy for the back breaking days ahead.


The best thing you can do with visitors, a new baby, and motherhood , is just flow with it. It’s going to be a new day every single day!


So remember, choose your visitors wisely and enjoy the little star that everyone wants to see shine.