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7 Kid Subscription Boxes we’re loving

Don’t go looking for entertainment, when you can subscribe for snacks and games to come home every month, just when you need them to!


A monthly subscription service for kids, each box is theme based, and loaded with games, all curated by child psychologists and early education experts. Themes include Amazing Animals, Colour Carnival, and Little Transporter, and activities include finger-painting, puzzles and many other games and tricks to keep your child motivated and enthused.


Price: Membership starts at Rs 2,085 for three months

Age group : 1 to 8 years

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subscription_magic_crateMagic Crate

Magic Crate is also a theme based, stimulating, learning activity box for kids. The crate comes with four interesting activities, based on science, arts, role play and games. The activities get tougher with each successive box, and they even have ‘talking points’ for parents, based on the activities that come with the box. They have a junior box for 3 – 5 year olds, and a senior box for 6 – 8 year olds; the boxes come in individual, quarterly, half yearly and annual subscriptions.


Price: Membership starts at INR 1947 for three months

Age group :  3 years – 8 years

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A subscription based activity box for kids in three age groups – 2 – 4 years, 4 – 8 years and 8+ years. Xplorabox is all about innovative learning for kids, developing their reasoning abilities, creativity and curiosity. The boxes include board games, a story book, an activity book (with instructions), surprise gifts, and other age-appropriate activities like 3D building model cutouts, stickers, colours and more. Special mention to the adventurous story ride with the very mischievous Samy, the responsible Sara and the cute li’l Ginger.


Price: Membership starts at Rs 2500 for three months

Age group : 2 year to 8+ years

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subscription_smallbrownboxSmall Brown Box

The Small Brown Box is literal hands-on fun, delivered! Inspire creativity and learning with new fun projects every month. Designed by parents, reviewed by experts and tested by children, each subject matter and theme comes vetted. Every month, the box comes with materials for at least two projects related to a theme, and include arts and crafts, science activities, imaginative play and more. 


Price: Membership starts at Rs 2399 for three months

Age group : 3 year to 8 years

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WonderBoxx comes with 7-8 activities, books, and games for kids, all a balance of educational games, toys and play tools. Think thematic arts, crafts and painting ideas for kids, divided into age appropriate boxes for three age groups. Choose a theme, and the box comes to your doorstep, so play time at home comes with loads of fun and learning.


Price: Membership starts at Rs 1425 for one month

Age group : 1 year to 8 years

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subscription_craftychimpCrafty Chimp

Crafty Chimp  is unique website dedicated to monthly subscription boxes for kids. The best part? Once your child completes an activity, they can hold on to the crafts and toys as keepsakes! Think fun DIY tote bags, roll up candles,a and Chenille Stem Bouquets. Each box comes with two activities, connected by a theme, and all materials and instructions are included.


Price: Membership starts at Rs 2500 for three months

Age group : 6 year to 10 years

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PodSquad is a fun learning programme, combining a monthly activity box with engaging digital content for children in the 4 to 7 age group. Their activity boxes contain activities that actively promote self sufficiency and play. All PodSquad actvity boxes are based on Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligence. The PodSquad learning programme aims to expose children to all potential ‘Intelligences’ at an early age, giving both child and parents the ability to decide where the child’s interest and aptitude lies, and helping them focus their energies in that direction.  Each box targets three or more ‘Intelligences’, and by the end of the designed learning programme, children will have explored all nine ‘Intelliegences.’


Price: Membership starts at Rs 3600 for three months

Age group : 4 year to 7 years

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