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8 Reasons Being An Aunt Is The Best Job Ever

Are you an aunt? From being the baby sitter at odd hours, to being google for baby names and letting go of the Chanel to hold diaper bags – if you are doing any of these, you know one thing for certain; you have the best job in the world.




No matter what age your nieces and nephews are, you can always guarantee that you’re going to have a great time with them as the ‘fun’ aunt. Here’s how!


You get to spoil them: Birthdays, holidays or even random visits are special because aunts usually come with the best gifts; ones that are usually limited to special occasions. You get to buy the annoying toys without dealing with the consequences. Your niece really wants the toy that lights up and makes 75 different sounds for her birthday? No problem! Your nephew wants a drum set? Done. And the award for the favourite aunt goes to…


You get a complete experience of what it is to be a mom, but you get to sleep at night: From diaper changing to knowing what the right temperature of the milk in the bottle should be; from remembering the nutritional value and the benefits of practically every baby food, to getting them ready for a Ben 10 theme party – trust me, you learn the drill pretty quickly.


You get to make your sister’s day all the time: Whether you offer to take your nephew / niece to toddler programs, (where you have moms discussing potty training, eating habits, teething issues, maid issues… the list is endless; and your only contribution is your smile), activity classes, or just an ice-cream date, your sister loves you for the little ‘me, time he gets.


You get to do kids stuff again: From vegetable planting to hand painting, and cooking Maggi to playing Tang pong. My favourite is our story telling sessions; I’ve practically travelled the world, experienced adventure, know the sound effects of every toy car in the world and can actually recognise any Nickelodeon character just by the sound of him or her. For me, it’s the most special and fun way to bond.




You get to see multiple one-act plays on any single day: One of my three nephews wants to become an actor, so the drama and acting never stops. I can guess any bollywood actor’s dancing style and dialogue way before any of my friends can!


You remember days like ‘Junk Food Day’, ‘Playstation Day’ and ‘Pizza Day’: I don’t claim to be the best chef in the world, but I definitely get to be called the ‘best aunt’ in the world. When I need to sit the three brat boys down, I order in some extra cheese pizza, connect the play station, and voila… I’m sure to get some ‘me’ time.


You get to play mischief master: There are absolutely no rules in your house; rules are for moms & dads to make and for aunts to break. I remember making my eldest nephew’s Facebook account, and telling him all my bratty stories from school (he actually repeated one of them). The second one gossips with me for hours and tells me how hot I’ve become (flirty), and the third one, who is just 6, gives me a list of things to get him every time I travel (which only includes Lego toys), or else I’m not allowed to come back.


I can probably write a book on my experiences of being an aunt and it still won’t be enough to describe how special this relationship is, and how pure it can be; I look forward to the hand drawn cards every birthday.


They are my life and nothing is more special than hearing them say  ‘I love you Masi’!


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Masi to three nephews. An avid traveler, loves adventure and explores life as it unfolds. Believes in “The power of spiritual knowledge gives you centeredness, which brings out passion in work  & dispassion in meditation.”