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8 Tooth Fairy Gift Ideas That Are Borderline Genius

Here are 8 ways to make the most of your child’s first lost tooth experience. They’re ideas that go beyond the Tooth Fairy pillow and add a little more magic to your child’s life!




🎁  A 5gm gold coin. It’s an early start to their jewellery collection
🎁  Write an encouraging letter to your child, praising him or her for all the ways you make her proud, but sign it “The Tooth Fairy.” This is a great way to positively reinforce your child for good behavior.
🎁  A box of Dunkin Donuts is everyone little ones favourite.Place a fairy wand on each donut with a cute message (on things you are proud of about them) on each triangle paper.
🎁  Invite them to a play date which is just mommy , daddy and baby. Spend an entire day doing their favourite things – activities they love, eat a meal at their favourite restaurant, spend sometime either at the play zone , at the play pool or at a place they love most.
🎁  Gift them the ‘Throw your tooth on the Roof’ book by Selby Beeler. It explains lost tooth traditions from around the world. Your child will love learning about other cultures!
🎁  Baskets full of goodies aren’t just for Christmas. Make a Tooth Fairy basket full of your kids’ favorite toothbrushes, floss, toothpaste and dental hygiene books.
🎁  If you have a light sleeper, a tooth fairy pillow might be the answer. Hang it on the doorknob or place it on a bedside table for easy tooth fairy access in the dark of night.
🎁  Make a keepsake star with your child’s first tooth. All you need a little bit of gold glitter, UV resin craft kit and patience :)


Tell us what tooth fairy left under the pillow last night?