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A Colourful Affair | Your guide to making safe Holi colours at home

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The season of colors is here and we’re all getting ready for lots of Gulal, Mithai and outdoor fun with the kids.


Our only problem with the festival of colors is that long after the festivities have subsided, the little ones continue to  jump around the house with colourful unwanted fingernails, itchy skin and a bad cough!


So if you’re planning to give the chemical colors a miss this year, here’s how you can make all the colors naturally with your kids right in your home kitchen.



RED: Dry the petals of red roses or red hibiscus in the sun until they become crisp. Powder until fine in a mixer and you’ll have a lovely red color. You can add a little bit of flour to increase the bulk. Incase this sounds cumbersome, use Red Sandal Wood Powder or Raktachandan as a red holi color powder.


BLUE: Dry  Jacaranda flowers in the shade and ground to obtain a beautiful blue powder.


GREEN: Mix premium quality pure henna powder (not the one with amla) with flour to get a lovely green. Incase you’re worried that the henna mixed with water becomes more permanent, try crushing the tender leaves of the Wheat plant , this also gives an amazing green color


YELLOW: Flowers like Amaltas , Marigold / Gainda , Yellow Chrysanthemums, Black Babul yield different shades of yellow. Dry the petals of these flowers in the shade and crush them to obtain a fine powder. Add an appropriate quantity of besan to get the right consistency. You can also dry the rind of the Bael fruit and grind to obtain a yellow powder.


SAFFRON: The Tesu Flower or the Flame of Forest can be dried and powdered and mixed with flour for more volume.




RED: Puree tomatoes and carrots in a mixer.  Dilute with sufficient quantity of water to remove the stickiness.


PURPLE: Juice of black grapes (angoor) or jambul (jamun) diluted with water to remove stickiness.


SAFFRON: Henna (mehendi) powder mixed with water will give a vibrant orange.You need to ensure that the quality of Henna is superior quality. Alternatively, Mix a pinch of Sandalwood powder in one litre of water for an instant, beautiful and fragrant saffron colour.


MAGENTA: Boil the peels of Red Pomergranate to get a tangy looking red or you can also boil beetroot (chukandar) in water or soak overnight in vessel for fun vibrant red.


GREEN: Mix a fine paste of leaves like spinach / palak, coriander / dhaniya, mint / pudina, tomato leaves, etc. in water.


BLUE: Crush the berries (fruits) of the Indigo plant and add to water for desired colour strength. In some Indigo species the leaves when boiled in water yield a rich blue.


BLACK: Extract juice of black grapes and dilute with sufficient quantity of water to remove stickiness



While natural colours are usually considered safe, do look out for any reactions or rashes. Each person is different and people with sensitive skin may react to everyday herbs or ingredients.





Here’s wishing you and your loved ones a safe and A Happy Holi!