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A Goldfish For Your Child: Here’s Why You Should Bring One Home Now!



Are you considering a first pet for your child? Ever wondered getting home a friend with fins?


Check out ten reasons we think a gold fish is an awesome first pet for your child!


#1. Goldfish teach your little one about ownership and responsibility

The day you bring home a plastic bag of water with a shimmering goldfish in it, is the day your children will begin to  learn responsibility and ownership! As a ‘little owner for a little fish’ there is tons to plan for – meal time, tank / bowl cleaning day, spending time. Gold fish are a great way to begin developing these habits (even with a lot of parental assistance) it is an important step in gradually giving more responsibility to the kids. They absolutely love being mommy to fish ‘goldie’


#2. You can sneak in a science lesson

The concept of animals living in water and not being able to breathe air amazes children. Having a fish tank is a perfect opportunity to learn about fish and understand their gills and behavior. It can also lead to learning about all animals that live under the water too. Did you know Goldfish can grow to over a foot long, have a memory-span of at least three months, can’t close their eyes and don’t have stomachs!


#3. Relaxing to Watch

Owning a fish tank is a stress reducer. Watching the fish swim peacefully through the water and the bubbles floating to the surface can really relax you.  If you have a child that’s rather emotional, this might be a nice place to sit them if they are feeling a little overwhelmed or overtired.

#4. Teach your kids about coping with a loss

For the most part, goldfish hold the reputation for lasting a long period of time (sometime over 40 years!). Unlike some smaller pets, the lifespan of a goldfish is quite unexpected in the best way possible. Having a pet fish teaches a child that death is a natural part of life. As morbid as this sounds and as much as we want to protect our children from pain, this fact helps children to see that death or loss is a part of life. Chances are, children are going to lose someone close to them throughout the course of growing up. Having a small loss, like losing a pet fish (even if it seems huge at the time), helps a child to recognize the process of grief.


#5. Goldfish are easy to maintain

You don’t need to take sick goldfish to the vet. Your goldfish won’t go on a barking frenzy and wake the neighbors. Your goldfish don’t even need routine walks around the block in freezing cold weather. When you go on vacation, you don’t need to hire anyone to look after your fish – there are automatic feeders just perfect for those long getaways.


#6. Goldfish increases sibling bonding and compassion

It’s a first step to team bonding and working together to care for a common cause. Usually it’s “my toys” vs “your toys” or “my clothes” vs “your clothes”. From naming to feeding and even buying accessories suddenly becomes a together activity rather than independent decisions. Once the kids realize that another living thing is dependent on them for survival, they begin to take pride and ownership in caring for their pet. Having a pet teaches children about compassion and how to have a nurturing spirit.


#7. Goldfish Don’t Bite or Scratch

A gentle nibble is the most you will feel with your fingers near the mouth of your goldfish.  Because their teeth are located in the back of their throats rather than up front in their mouth and they don’t have claws, being hurt by your pet is no longer a concern.


#8. Goldfish inspire creativity

How many aquariums have you seen that looked exactly alike: same tank setup, same species of fish, same aquarium plants and ornaments? Most likely, none! No two goldfish tanks are exactly alike, just like all aquarium fish behaviors and habits are unique in their own little way. And there are simply so many goldfish types to choose from, with breathtaking arrays of colors and shapes. In fact, a goldfish aquarium can look particularly stunning in a dark, gloomy room.


Do you have fish at home or at school? What do your children like about them?