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A Mom’s Post Pregnancy Hair-Raising Story

While I had read and heard enough stories about hair fall post pregnancy, I didn’t quite expect to be feeling like a dog shedding hair seasonally (No kidding!)


If you’ve gone through the same thing, you would know. I was petrified to shampoo or brush and the constant thought of looking for the perfect wig enveloped my mind. I had to do something about it! So I did a lot research and read about it.


hair fall


So we all know how the estrogen levels of our body are sky high at the time of pregnancy and after birth of the baby these levels come down to lower than normal. And that’s when the crazy fall begins!


Your hair which is on rest mode during pregnancy were actually meant to fall however your hormones kept them in place.


The good news is that it’s temporary and normal hair growth will come back slowly. However, with little bit of care and caution, you should be able to sail through :


    • Ensure your diet intake is appropriate for hair growth.Protein and biotin is what you need in your food. Eggs,fish,spinach, legumes, whole grains for biotin etc. Because nothing else will work if you aren’t healing inside.


    • Take supplements that are good for hair and nail growth. I’ve been taking Nutralite’s Biotin cherry plus. You can get any over the counter supplement or fish oil/ Omega3 capsules.


    • Invest in a good shampoo and conditioner that’s for fine hair and gives volume to the hair. Look for keywords like voluminous,biotin and collagen rich shampoo.


    • Avoid hot oil massages or any head massage as the friction created during massage only adds to the problem. Instead go for a serum that’s for hair fall. I’ve been using Biotique’s hair growth serum and it’s really amazing. Gently massage it on a dry scalp and it gives a nice volume to thin hair.


    • Avoid blow dry or heat to the hair. Opt for short hair, not only is it easier to manager but also reduces the chances of breakage.


    • Most importantly, Keep the stress away! If you’re stressed out for any reason try to meditate and calm your senses. Ashvgandha with a glass of warm milk also helps in relieving stress.


I have specifically not recommended any home remedies because let’s face it, we mama’s ain’t got no time to try hundred different things from kitchen that may work sometime! But if you have the patience and time, then please go for it! Lastly, have patience and you’ll get your beautiful tresses back soon!




By Satrupa Mukherjee

Blogger | Motherhood | Beauty & Fitness.
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