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A Whole Nine Months: My Pregnancy Journey




Pregnancy is a life fulfilling experience for every woman. It is a dainty journey and tremendous care and caution is essential during this period. Every woman’s body is different and no one pregnancy should be compared with another.


Below are a few tips from my journey that made my nine months a happy and precious one.


Morning sickness

This is one of the most common symptoms of being pregnant. Few expecting mothers are fortunate not to come across this symptom. I had morning sickness and it lasted on and off the entire first trimester. Morning sickness lasts for some up to second trimester. So it varies from woman to woman. What worked for me, is that every morning even before brushing my teeth I had a plain biscuit half an hour before breakfast. It eased my tendency to vomit early morning.



You might get lazy but Walk as much as you can. Walking was one exercise I did from the very first day since I conceived. During my first and second trimester I used to walk two hours every day (an hour in the morning and evening) and then reduced it in the last trimester. It is one of the easiest ways of exercising even if you have not been active earlier. Also, it does not require much effort. Walking keeps your body fit and active. However, do not go overboard and exhaust yourself. Listen to your body and take breaks if need be.


Breathing exercises

Breathing exercises helped me keep my mind and body relaxed. With so many hormonal changes in your body, mood swings are quite natural so it is crucial to be relaxed and stress free. It’s very essential for you and your baby. Also, it’s a great way to prepare yourself for labour.





Super soothing formula – I listened to a lot of music through my pregnancy – Mozart, meditation, Bollywood, folklore etc. It kept my mood up and happy at all times. Once my baby started kicking – she loved it every time the tunes were up!



Being a first time mommy I had lots of apprehensions, questions regarding my pregnancy.  I read lot of blogs, articles, experiences of other mothers to understand the symptoms better. There is a lot of information available in the internet, be sure that you are collecting the right information from reliable sources.  It gives clarity to your apprehensions and explains the scientific rationale behind any change.



From the moment you are pregnant, there’s a plethora of advice ,myths and old wive tales you get to hear – relatives, friends and even the neighbours don’t miss a chance. The most common one is determining the sex of the baby. The shape of your belly, the glowing skin, your cravings, morning sickness all seems to be indicators for the sex of the baby. In my case,everybody around me said I would be blessed with a baby boy. Even during my maternity photoshoot, the photographer picked a baby boy dress as a prop. However, we are blessed with a baby girl. At times it could be a mere coincidence but these myths hold no truth. And it is absolutely normal to have a c section and not a normal delivery. C section does not make a woman any less of a mother. One should not stress oneself by listening to all the myths associated with c section. I had one and have delivered a healthy baby. Follow your heart and take care of yourself.


Pregnancy journal

I maintained a journal to capture all my mood swings, thoughts, happy moments so that I could relive this journey for a lifetime. It is a good mood booster and is a collection of all your developments, pictures, stories etc. It is a happy read for your partner too.


Partner involvement 

Let your partner be a part of all those pre-birth and doctor sessions. Talk to him about your mood swings, feelings, cravings or anything that you would like to share. He will be able to support you whenever you need him around. Also, a lot of parenting can be learned during this time which is good for both of you.


Bust most importantly, REMEMBER, Pregnancy is a blissful and unique journey . It is essential for you to understand your body and the changes you are going through. Doctors and medical practitioner let you know what suits you best for your pregnancy.


What worked for someone might not work for you.Being healthy, eating the right food, keeping yourself happy, connecting with your baby in the womb, staying away from stressful environments are some of the key things that all expecting mothers need to do.


You have been chosen to bring a life to this world and there is no feeling as beautiful as this. Listen to your body. It will guide and help you sail through the most memorable nine months of your life. Make this journey your favourite one !



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By Jahnabi Medhi 

A professional for 10 years, now on a life changing journey as a full-time mommy. Exploring new places, meeting different people, reading anything that gives my heart solace has been my passion all these years only to be placed in the back burner now with my little angel taking all over. A blogger by chance, writing random thoughts and things that touch my soul help me rejuvenate my mind and body