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fidget spinner

All you need to know about the twirly toy in the market – Fidget Spinner



They’re everywhere, all over the news ( for both, right and wrong reasons), they’re popping up on your social media feed, your kids haven’t stopped fiddling with this, your colleague has been constantly distracting you with it!


We’re talking about the irresistible toy of 2017 – FIDGET SPINNER


What are fidget spinners?


“Fidget spinners” are small, ball-bearing devices that can be rotated freely between your fingers. True to it’s name – it’s basically a ‘fidget’ toy. Available in a wide spectrum of eye-catching colours, the toy that started as a concentration tool for attention-deficit disorders, has now evolved into a serious playground craze for actually everyone!


Held between the thumb and another finger, the user flicks an outer edge which kickstarts the spinning motion, all while balancing the toy on the tip of a finger.


How and when did the trend start?


Originally developed as a therapeutic tool for kids with attention-deficit disorders, this spinning sensation that helps kids cope by releasing nervous energy and providing an outlet for anxiety, has been taking Kids and Grownups by storm. However, we hear,schools around the world have been banning this for being a BIG distractor!


Also, unlike other popular toys , fidget spinners are not marketed by any global toy company or widely promoted through advertisements. No one actually knows when and how this gizmo became 2017’s hottest toy!


Do they really help?


There hasn’t been any research on the effectiveness of spinners, specifically. But studies do indicate fidgeting in general my help increase neurotransmitters that promote focus—if you’ve ever found yourself squeezing a smiley ball or repeatedly tapping your foot in the midst of a big project, that’ll probably sound familiar.


Are they dangerous?


Yes, like everything else, if you are not careful. Some of the tricks that have been doing the rounds on Youtube have actually caused harm to kids’ eyes and fingers. So while it is fun, it’s important that you are careful while ‘fidgeting’ too!

Where do I buy one?


If you’re undeterred and determined to get your hands on this all-conquering kids toy, they’re available on Amazon and at the Trippy Toy Store.