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Amaara: Delhi-NCR’s First and Only Human Milk Bank Opens

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Fortis La Femme, in association with the Breast Milk Bank Foundation, launches Delhi-NCR’s first human milk bank on Tuesday, April 26th! BreastMilk Foundation is a not-for-profit organization, supported by Fortis La Femme.


What exactly is a Milk Bank?

A milk bank is essentially a collection unit for breast milk; an attempt to provide donor milk to high risk newborns in the neonatal unit, and to babies whose mothers are experiencing lactation failure. This joint initiative milk bank has been named ‘Amaara,’ and will be the first and only human milk bank in Delhi-NCR.


What to Expect

The core program of the Amaara Milk Bank, apart from collection, processing and distribution of donated milk, will be collaborating with government bodies and non-government organizations, to promote awareness to do with breastfeeding, and the acceptance of donor milk.


The launch event will focus on other issues related to breast milk donation as well. Issues discussed will include how to breastfeed pre-term infants, the benefits of breast milk, the benefits of human milk banks, and donation eligibility.


To become a donor…

Donors are essentially healthy, lactating women who have excess breast milk post feeding their own infants. In order to donate, begin the process by clicking here, and a volunteer will be at your door step with the rest of the paperwork. If you are eligible, you will be called in for a screening process. After proper counseling, a suitability check, which includes a history check, physical examination, and laboratory tests of your breast milk,  your breast milk will be collected by their trained staff, under hygienic conditions, using a milk express method you’re comfortable with.


Whether it is to potentially save your baby’s life, or to help save other babies’ lives, the initiative shows tremendous promise, and is the first of its kind in the capital.


Where: BreastMilk Foundation, C/O Fortis La Femme Hospital, S – 549, Greater Kailash – II

Contact: 9999035600

Other details: Each  bottle of breast milk is priced at INR 200