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Anandita Singh Raha : Motherhood – ‘Enjoy It’

I wouldn’t want to bore you with the cliched, ‘unimaginable love or patience’ that you suddenly find as a mother, because you truly cannot fathom these, till you are one. What I would say is – Enjoy it.
It’s so easy to worry about them not rolling over or teething, standing or sitting, being over-stimulated or not stimulated enough; the list is endless.
It’s so easy (through the sleepless nights) to miss the first time she looks directly into your eyes and smiles, when she starts sticking her tongue out at you whilst you make goofy faces, the first time reaches out and grabs your nose, the way she manages to put those bits of bread into her mouth, the times she waves bye-bye or when she says Mama.
The first year is full of marvel for your little one, bask in it with her.