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App for it?| 10 apps for under 10 year olds

apps-kids-tech-silver-rattleLet’s face it – your little one probably has an iPad. And if he or she doesn’t, you’re probably planning on getting one for his/her birthday. So read up and load up, so their time on this gizmo is well-spent!

NexGTv Kids

NexGTv, a subscription-based video streaming platform has launched a mobile app – ‘NexGTv Kids’. Here, your child has access to video content from Cartoon Network, Pogo and Big Magic, with Live TV listings! Kids also have access to educational content, including fun tutorials. Targeted at the age group of 2 to 10, the app is currently available for Android and iOS users across 140 countries. The best part… no parental control necessary, as all content is reviewed and vetted for kids!

Age group: 2 to 10 years

Where: Andorid and IOS


Pink Fong Kids Songs and Stories

Popular stories and songs, complete with colourful characters and beautiful artwork. The app is populated with a talented crew of singers and narrators, who focus on phonetics and emphasise pronunciation of words through rhyme and song. If you’re loving what they’re doing, take a look at their paid packs.

Age groups: 0 to 6 years

Where: Android and IOS



If the little one is wondering about anything, or just wandering through the app, he or she is bound to come across a bunch of subjects he/she wants to explore. The app covers the wonderful educational world of science, design, languages, geography, sports and more, all through content created by educational experts. We’re talking videos, maps, graphics, and other content.  The great part is that you can be as involved as the little one, with both of you suing stickers, and other art and drawing tools to create projects along the way.

Age group: 9 years and over

Where: Android and IOS


Ready Jet Go Space Explorer

If the name wasn’t self explanatory, allow us to give you the details. Say hello to Jet, your new friend who goes on this space exploration with you. He introduces us to constellations, stars, planets and more. tap on constellations to hear their names, and use the control panel (which resembles the dashboard of a space ship) to find out what else you can do in space! Play hide and seek with Jet, colour stars and constellations, zoom into clusters and listen to interesting facts, and even switch to augmented reality mode so the little one can get a sense of how we on earth fit into space. And… earn your explorer badge for every activity you complete! Also, the app is free.

Age group: 4+ years

Where: Android and IOS



Lets talk money! Piggybot allows you to set up a virtual piggy bank for your little one via the app,where you can ‘deposit’ your child’s allowance. Your child then uses the app and the mount of ‘money’ he or she has to manage finances, save images of things they want to buy to keep them motivated, and save money as well. The virtual account comes with a PIN to access the account, and sends push notifications to parents so they can track what their little one is up to with his/her allowance (pocket money). While there is no actual exchange of cash here, it is a great tool to teach kids the value of money, and get a sense of how your child deals with finances for when you actually give him/her pocket money. Consider this your digital IOU to your child; so be prepared to pay up!

Age group: 6 years and over

Where: IOS



Toca Dance

16 different characters, each with their own brad of quirky sound and musical rhythms, all on one app. Kids can choose from these characters, and create their own sound and choreography to go with it. Throw in outfits and different genres of music to choose from, and they’ve got themselves a fun app that will go a long way in keeping them entertained!

Age group: 4 years and over

Where: Android and IOS


Marco Polo Weather

Free for a limited period of time, Marco Polo Weather is designed to teach kids all about weather conditions, and how changes in wind speed, temperature etc affects other things in the environment. The app comes with three characters, whom users can dress in different clothes for different weather conditions. Kids can also manually increase temperatures, wind speed and more to see the effects these changes have on their everyday lives and the surroundings they live in. Learning through experimenting and observation, this app encompasses everything your child needs to figure different weather conditions out, and has a direct impact on how they choose to dress themselves, activities they want to indulge in and more. Also, it’s been the app store Editors’ choice in 19 countries!

Age group: 5 years and over

Where: Android and IOS



Laugh & Learn™ Puppy’s Player

Letters, numbers, shapes, colours, animals, body parts and more – the app allows mom and baby to choose their favourite characters to learn all this and more with. Also, mom can create a full customised playlist based on what she wants her little one to watch and learn about, and the app also allows other customisations, so Mummy gives baby exactly what she needs.

Age group: 0 to 2 years

Where: Android and IOS


Doraemon Repair Shop

Help Doraemon, Noby, Shizuka, and friends run their brand new repair shop! Everyone’s favourite robot cat has taken on the challenge of bringing in the townspeople’s broken gadgets and gizmos and using his advanced tech skills to repair them. Demand is growing, and time management is of the essence. Can your child pitch in and make sure things run smoothly and on time? The townspeople pay in Doraemon’s favourite snack – Dorayaki – so he needs help to be efficient, prevent wastage, and hoarding, manage resources, and make sure the shop runs as efficiently as possibly. Is your little one up to the challenge? Your child will have access to awesome tools to help with repairs, with the ability to upgrade them, and 9 challenging levels to cross!  

Where: Android



This single-screen app features a bunch of cartoon animals, but it actually has a lot going on behind that simple image. Your little one must identify the correct cartoon animal through simple clues – names, emotions, sounds or others. As he or she guesses correctly, control yourself from preening as the next one appears, challenging them all over again.

Age group: 2 to 5 years

Where: IOS



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