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Lina finished her midwifery training from El Paso USA and Philippines in 1999. She strives to bring dignified and respectful care to women and their families with compassion. Undisturbed birth and MotherBaby centered care are her specialties. This includes plenty of skin-to-skin care and no separation after birth alongside optimal gentle birth practices. Lina is a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator (LCCE) and enjoys sharing information in preparation for birth so that families can make informed choices that suit them and compliment their unique situations. Since living in India she has been attending home birth and water births since 2009 and supporting families in nursing homes/ hospitals since 2007.


Thinking of using a birth pool in labor and have questions ? Lina Duncan, Midwife (Mumbai Midwife) shares what you can expect if you decide it’s for you. What is water