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Mother of two daughters and of 4 dogs! An Educator by profession, she is now enjoying her motherhood journey. The girls teach her a lot every single day. There is not one rule book for parenting; every day the girls make her set new rules which are usually always broken. Pets are an integral part of the household and she believes, pets can help boost self-esteem and lower stress for everyone in the family, and they teach the little ones a lot about love.

Pet Befriend

  Dogs are incredibly loyal, loving animals. Loyalty is one of the reasons that owning a dog is a richly rewarding experience. But when you have a new baby, some dogs


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  Potty training can be unpredictable, messy, daunting, and lengthy (who knew it took so long to master the art of using the toilet?).   The key to potty training success is


With the exam season upon us - stress, anxiety,restlessness are bound to be common emotions around the house.   But there are ways to ease these emotions and support your child during the stressful lead up


Yes, Toilet training is a hard act to master. Even if you child has been doing it right through the day, there will be days (more nights!) that result