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A working mom, who is trying to help shape the new age of parenting in India. Making motherhood beautified & simplified, through contemporary approach. Fashion designer by profession, health enthusiast & an avid traveller “ @uptownmommy (SAKSHI VAIDYA)


  People often ask me, how do you manage your life and how do you manage to pack in so many things.   Just to give you a little background I am


Stretch Marks are your kids first drawings on your body! Pregnancy changes our skin with the whole lot of hormone play happening in our body. Skin becomes extremely dark


  First Birthdays are always so special, It's a big milestone and a moment of pride that a parent behold to see their kid grow a whole year old. It's 


We were running two weeks behind schedule on my son's vaccination and checkup. He's been a little under the weather( they recommend that you avoid vaccination when the baby


We're all going on a summer holiday,No more working for a week or two!     So, it's finally time for our FIRST FAMILY VACATION, and we are super excited about it.   3


  With Mothers Day just around the corner, it kind of takes me back in time.   Last year I celebrated my first 'Mothers Day', and I barely remember anything as I was