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Baby Bin Laden



The terrible twos is by far the most trying phase of parenthood (apart from puberty of course), and in some bizarre twist of fate God threw an extra an extra shot of terrible in mine. I had always been very smug about my angelic daughter with whom I strutted around proud as a peacock everywhere from Meherchand market to Michelin star restaurants. Well, serves me right since that has come back to bite me in the proverbial A**.


It really hit me when it came down to some serious one on one time with my son in a Mother –Child program I did with him at a preschool. It was a completely different story when I did it with my older one five years earlier where it was like a beautiful harmonious six month long Broadway Musical .This time around however it was akin to a Metallica concert.


I was the mother getting the sympathetic side glances. While all the other kids were systematically proceeding with the demands of the environment, mine made it his mission to vehemently defy them. From performing a Houdini every time I turned my back, to attempting death defying feats on the slide, to yanking the principal’s hair in the class photograph, my progeny proved to be a toddler tornado. I was given sincere heartfelt advice and tips but unfortunately I had to find a solution to this volatile algorithm myself. I had come to the conclusion that either this kid was the antichrist or he is a prodigy.
Everyone at home expressed grave concern on the rabid versus rapid growth of my son. However at some level instincts kick in at some point as a mother. I learned the hard way that hyperventilating about his tendency to live on the edge, only tipped him over the edge.


The six month mother-child program morphed into a hands on parenting workshop for me. From being mortified about my progeny’s inappropriate effervescence, I learned to transform that into the delightful buoyancy that came naturally to him. I began to realise and appreciate his interests and was pleasantly surprised to see the calm and ease with which he would stay engaged in those activities. I relearned five years after my first child that sometimes you can’t just expect a 2 year old to get with the program, and it is unfair to expect them to do so.


All in all, what began as a back breaking exercise ended on a high note. I don’t think I would change a thing about those six months. In the wise words of Kelly Clarkson ‘’what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”. I found my poppet’s rhythm and my own resilience.


By Mandira Ahuja

Seven years and two kids in the game, she believes there are two fundamental things that every mother has to give their children.The first, is a sense of security and the second is a strong value system that guides their decision making . The sleepless nights, the grey hair, the stress eating, the chipped fingernails all seem worthwhile when you see the fruits of of your labour stand strong.