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Baby Shower Games you are going to love


Have a surprise baby shower party to plan for a special friend and you’re in-charge of entertainment and games ?


Here’s our list of ten games to celebrate the arrival of your nephew / niece with games that are cheesy, ridiculous, and sentimental — all at once.

Bottle boat races

What you’ll need: Alcoholic and non-alcoholic drink options, baby bottles for each guest.

How to play: It’s the same old game you remember (or would rather forget) from college only now the beer bottles have been replaced with baby bottles. Have each bottle filled with a drink.Divide the party into two teams and the players have to drink from the bottle as quickly as they can – through the nipple. (No unscrewing the top allowed!).

May the best (tipsy) sailors win!


Pin the Sperm on the Egg

What you’ll need: Chart paper,marker pens,blindfold

How to play: The adult version of good ole’ pin the donkey.Spin the blindfolded guest round and round and watch them attempt to pin the sperm on the egg. This one is sure to have your guests laughing all the way !


Baby Alphabets

What you’ll need: Paper and pens

How to play:A fun game that requires very little preparation. Ask your guests to write down a baby item beginning with each alphabet ( From A to Z). The guest that can think of the maximum number of baby items wins.Seems simple but can get complicated when you need to think of something with the alphabet ‘X’ !


The Poopy Diaper

What you’ll need: Diapers, Different types of chocolate bars, black marker, paper, pencils

How to play: This is a sort of gross, but a very hilarious game! We’ve played this several times and its always a hit! Microwave the candy bars in separate bowls for 30-45 seconds each or until the chocolate is really soft.Then scrape the soft chocolate bars into a diaper and smooch it a little. Give each guest a pencil and a small piece of paper and pass around all the diapers. Guests can smell, touch, or taste the “poop” to guess what kind of chocolate bar is in each diaper!




Name that baby

What you’ll need: Baby Pics of all the guests prior to the party.

How to play:For “Name That Baby”, email your guests prior to the shower and ask them to email a baby pic  (and not show it to anyone else). Once all of your guests have arrived, display all of the pics with a number by each one. You can post them on a bulletin board, stick them on a piece of chart paper or simply lay them out on a table. Have everyone guess which baby photo belongs to which guest.


Baby babbles

What you’ll need: A nice journal or scrapbook, a few coloured pens.

How to play: Have each guest write down a piece of parenting advice for the mom-to-be, whether inspirational, heartfelt or funny. You can include quotes or photos. It’ll be a keepsake she can look back on down the road, and maybe even share with her little one.


My Designer Diaper

What you’ll need: Toilet paper roll

How to play: Split your guests into teams and give each one a roll of toilet paper. Have each team “diaper” one of its members with the toilet paper as quickly as possible. No pins or other tools are allowed! The team to finish first wins.


Baby Billboard Top 10

What you’ll need: Paper, pens, a timer

How to play: Set the timer on your phone (keep it short!) and see which guest can write down the most songs featuring the word “baby” in the title. Bonus: Prepare a “baby”-themed music list in advance to play throughout the party. See how well those guests were paying attention!


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