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Back To School: Prepping to Prevent the Post-Vacation Blues

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Come July and parents have to deal with reopening of schools after the summer break. If you think you have to deal with this, imagine how the kids are feeling! “I love routine and monotony,” said no child ever, so we’ve put together a few things you can do to build your children’s enthusiasm and excitement as they head back to school.


Advance Planning

Preparation must begin at least 5-7 days before school actually begins. Be positive and be patient, you might be met with resistance initially, but do’t give up! Start by preparing a time-table with your child. Include all school activities and potential after school classes and games, and have your child decorate and colour it so it is appealing for them to look at, and look forward to. Practice positive reinforcements, talking about how even you are excited to have them come home at lunch time everyday, and hear all about their day at school. Ask your child what he/she loves most about school, and help them express this through art, which you can put up in his or her room, and which ill act as another positive reinforcement.


Sleep Cycles

Try and introduce a school-timing friendly sleep cycle in advance. This will involve discouraging naps in the middle of the day. Introduce fun activities during the day like reading together, going on walks or to the park, so the child gets accustomed to being alert and active during the day, and tired by bedtime.


Curate their Back To School Pack

Clean out and prep their school bags with them. Let them choose their favourite pencil box, line up freshly sharpened pencils, and have them check their uniform, shoes, socks etc. If you can get them to try these on, compliment them on how great they look.


Setting Expectations

Go over their school books, and encourage them to finish any pending homework. Talk to them about their friends and teachers at school, and build excitement about them meeting up with all these people after the holidays. In fact if possible, line up a play date or two before the kids head back tons school, so your kids get used to being around their school friends, and start talking about what they have to look forward to.


Morning Mantra

Start practicing an early morning ritual with your child. This could be a secret handshake, a hug, or a special song you share as they get dressed for school. This acts a motivation for kids to get out of bed, and helps you both bond as well.


Breakfast Club

Make your little one a breakfast they enjoy on their morning of going back to school. This will raise their spirits, and ensure they finish their meal to prep them for a long day. Make sure you wake your child up gently and in advance, so that he or she can get dressed calmly and enjoy a hearty breakfast.

Following all these tips will familiarize your child with their upcoming school routine, and your child will adapt faster. Remain patient and encouraging. Kids take some time to fall back into and enjoy routine.





By Rajashree Rao Raj

A passionate Montessorian who believes in the mantra that education should help make our daily life simpler and easier. Rajashree has 10 years of Teacher Training background.She started an initiative – Circle of Explorers with a fellow Montessorian 2 years ago and presently conducts workshops for children and helps plan school curriculum by combining her theoretical knowledge of child development and educational psychology.