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Beat the Bloat: Which of These 7 Remedies have you tried?



Regardless of how much we work out and watch our food intake, we all, at some points, experience bloating. As ladies who suffer from this rather frequently, allow us to validate how awful and annoying this syndrome is – we feel bigger, uncomfortable, and the readings on the scale aren’t pretty either. And if you’ve just given birth, chances are your pretty susceptible to bloating, and don’t have time to address it properly.


Divya Sarin gives us all the lowdown on what bloating is, what symptoms to look for, and how to treat it.


So what causes bloating?

Bloating is generally a result of  eating too fast, constipation, heart-burn, an intolerance of dairy products, or of course, weight gain.


How to Identify Bloating

Bloating generally comes with a feeling of excessive swelling around the abdomen, frequent burping, excessive gas, and/or a feeling of fullness.


7 Easy Ways to Control and/or Curb Bloating

  • Reduce you intake of salt post 7 pm
  • Mix equal parts of cranberry juice with equal parts of water and consume; on days you feel bloated
  • Consume 8 glasses of water daily. Water cuts on water and principally when you don’t have water in a day, your body will store it, which further leads to bloating.
  • Fruit is an excellent when it comes to cutting excessive water retention. Consume fruit that is high in terms of potassium and magnesium, like banana, apples, pears, and also fruit with greater water content, like watermelon and oranges. Consuming these before meals not only leads to a feeling of being full, but also provides fibre and roughage to our deprived bodies.
  • Say hello to a miraculous product – Apple Cider Vinegar. This not only helps aid weight loss (consume 1 tablespoon with water before every meal), but is also great for the skin and hair.
  • Boil a cup of water in a pan, add a tablespoon of Triphala and half the water has been evaporated and the remaining half has been well boiled , drink it with a squeeze of lemon, and voila clean and clear stomach! (Make sure you have this on an empty stomach.)
  • And for when there’s a big night ahead and you need to drop the blast super quick… Detox Tea! Boil a cup of water in a pan, add saunf (fennel seeds), jeera (cumin), ajwain (carom), methi (fenugreek) seeds and bring it to boil. Consume this thrice in the day, and consume less salt, and, speaking from personal experience, you can drop up to one kg in water weight!


Follow these tips on  daily basis, and watch it take a toll on the bloat. Also, following these steps will also help cleanse your skin, and all the remedies are completely natural, so no side effects!



Image source: stylesatlife.com

An HR profession, who loves adventure and experimenting. Divya’s heart lies in beauty and make up. She strongly believes that perfection is boring and we should embrace our imperfections. She loves to share her quick, simple tips on skincare and makeup through her YouTube channel : “NOT So Perfect”