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Beware! This Momo Can Kill

Momo challenge


First the Blue Whale Challenge, then Kiki and now the ‘Momo Challenge’. Parents have yet another reason to be worried about the growing impact of social media on the lives of their young ones. Simply put, driving someone to suicide in the name of a social media challenge, has now manifested itself in the name of the “Momo challenge”.


The challenge allegedly throws a series of tasks for its chosen player, with the final task asking them to take their lives. The game that has already taken 3 innocent lives, two of which are in India – started on a Facebook group where participants were challenged to start communicating with an unknown number.It allegedly involves challenges that encourage children to engage in a series of violent acts that end with suicide.


Momo challenge – What are the tasks? 


  • Everything begins when you get a phone contact named “Momo.” You will be requested to save this contact to your phone, and when you do, you will be familiar with Momo, a horrible face with overstated highlights like distending eyes, substantial nostrils and an unpleasant grin.
  • The ‘Momo’ account shares a series of challenges (read activities) that need to be completed to finally meet the ‘Momo’. Most of these tasks, according to reports, involve violent acts that end with suicide. If someone refuses to follow the instructions, the Momo intimidate them with dire consequences.
  • It knows all your own points of interest, similar to the names of your kin or the course your folks take to work.
  • At that point the dangers begin; and in the event that you don’t go along, Momo will reveal to you that it can hurt somebody you cherish.


Momo challenge – Why the name?


According to a popular news portal, Momo is a popular social media account on WhatsApp, Facebook, and YouTube, which uses the image of a doll with scary features and large protruding eyes, and that is how they catch the attention of children.


Birthplace of Momo


Incidentally, the avatar being used to depict the Momo challenge is actually the creation of a Japanese artist, Midori Hayashi, who is in no way attached with this game. This sculpture, of a “Mother Bird”, is on display at the Tokyo Vanilla Gallery.

Tips to talk to children


  • Teach your child the importance of saying NO with confidence!
  •  Keep yourself educated and do your own particular research about the game first.
  • Listen: Avoid solely talking at them. Listen to their concerns and their experiences.
  • Watch out for any state of mind changes in your child.
  • Any sudden withdrawal, grumpiness or absence of interchanges ought to be warnings. Counsel an analyst immediate.
  • Notice your youngster’s Internet activities and monitor his / her friends.
  • Be a good example to your kids and be aware of your own online exercises.



Be Safe & Be Aware because all MoMo’s are not meant to be eaten!