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Bollywood filmmaker Karan Johar has become a father to twins through surrogacy.

Film-maker Karan Johar released a statement on Twitter on Sunday morning experssing his happiness on becoming a father to twins through surrogacy.



The chief of Dharma Productions, one of the biggest movie-producing companies in Bollywood, says he feels “ecstatic” and “enormously blessed to be a parent”. He said his mother Hiroo Johar would be an integral part in brining up the infants, a boy and a girl, who he has named Yash (after his father, late filmmaker Yash Johar), and Roohi (a rearrangement of his mother’s name). He also thanked the woman who gave birth to the babies.


Calling it a “well thought out decision,” he says he understands the responsibilities that come with becoming a parent and is prepared for all of them.He adds that his work and travels will now take a back seat and that he is prepared for it.


Earlier, TOI reported that the babies were born at Masrani Hospital in Andheri, Mumbai, in February. Civic officials said the births were registered with the public health department on Friday.


The birth registration of the children mentions Johar as the father while there is no mention of the mother’s name.


Johar has always expressed his desire to father children. In his recently released autobiography, The Unsuitable Boy, he had written that he wanted to adopt a child or have a surrogate child.


“I don’t know what I’m going to do about it but I feel like I would like to be a parent. I don’t know how it’s going to happen but I do feel the need because I have plenty of love to offer and I’d like to take it forward. This feeling needs a release and requires a platform. And that platform could be by being a parent,” he has written.




Information Source: Hindustan Times