Dear Infertility,   I hated you. You steal dreams. You break hearts. You bring


While I had read and heard enough stories about hair fall post

First trimester screening is a prenatal test that offers early information about a baby's risk of certain chromosomal conditions — Down syndrome (trisomy 21) and extra sequences of chromosome

  One of the most painful experiences known is childbirth. It is a multidimensional experience where we need to keep a balance between pain relief physical, emotional, and psychological considerations.   The

Just done the Glucose Tolerance Test, and have been given a diagnosis of Gestational Diabetes ?   Dr Nupur Gupta  (Gynecologist & Obstetrician, Well Women Clinic, Gurgaon) answers all your questions

  Can I still exercise now that I'm pregnant?   "I haven't been exercising, but now that I'm pregnant I want to start an exercise program. Is that okay?"   These are typical questions

  It’s very common for women to feel anxious about labour and birth. Worries about the pain of contractions, interventions and the uncertainty of the process are not unusual. But

Everyone loves a little silver spoon, but moms and dads try their hardest to ensure their babies are born with one in their mouths. So where does that leave

If you're anything like me, you probably spent your pregnancy (and pre-pregnancy) poring over books, blogs, website and actually believed every darn thing that sounded like pregnancy advice.   But

It is not surprising for any pregnant woman to be confused about differing pieces of advice coming her way. More often than not, these are myths or misconceptions without

Pregnancy does take a toll on all the organs of the body, and one's skin also tends to get affected. Here are some common skin changes you might notice in

While the “on your back, epidural-numbed” labor has long been popular, we're hearing from more and more women who are opting for less conventional birth methods and pain control techniques. If

Giving Birth gives you the greatest gift imaginable but it also leaves around 43% of moms with a few gifts they’d prefer to return; and if you’re afraid to sneeze

  Have a glimpse at any fertility forum and you'll see the abbreviation 2WW, or the 'two week wait', by far the worst part of the whole IVF process. While IVF can provide the

  Nothing takes the edge off stress, exhaustion, swollen feet, and frizzy unwashed hair, like a good day of primping and pampering. But you've likely heard some scary rumours - hair

Stretch Marks are your kids first drawings on your body! Pregnancy changes our skin with the whole lot of hormone play happening in our body. Skin becomes extremely dark

Pregnant moms know it better  - that a bulging belly is accompanied by an ever-increasing breast-size. And, it doesn’t stop there—nursing can make your boobs swell and become bigger.

Feeling the burn, baby? And you're not alone: Nearly half of expectant moms have also been feeling your pain — probably for most of their pregnancies.     Now that we’ve got

Being pregnant is a huge blessing in itself. But everything comes with a cost and in this case, it’s to take very special care of yourself and your unborn

A lot of women shy away from yoga when they’re expecting, but you can actually practice it throughout your entire pregnancy IF you’re careful and know what to be mindful of.

Egg freezing has been a common fertility option, but what happens when it isn’t an option because of special medical or other conditions? And, what option is there for women who want

  Many women are candidates for vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC). Still, the choice to pursue VBAC or schedule a repeat C-section can be difficult.   Dr Kaushiki Dwivedee (Head Obstetrics and

  It descends like a rain shower you can't protect your self from.One minute you’re fine, the next you can’t stand up straight and the third you can't stand the

So you've given birth to a gorgeous baby, and the pounds have found a home in your thighs and midriff. You're eating right, working out, the works, but these

  Motherhood has its charms, the smile of the baby, the way it wraps its fingers around your hand, but along with it, it brings an introduction to lot of

  Barely 2 months into my marriage, an over-interested aunty asks, “Good News?”   Listen woman, if I’m showing, I’d have to be atleast 4-5 months pregnant. That means I was pregnant

“The biological clock and the career clock are in total conflict with each other,” said Indira Nooyi, speaking on why women still can’t have it all. “Total, complete conflict.”   As

  With Mothers Day just around the corner, it kind of takes me back in time.   Last year I celebrated my first 'Mothers Day', and I barely remember anything as I was

Pregnancy is a new and very different phase of a girl’s life and it wouldn't be wrong to say that nothing can prepare her for the jolts and changes

From timing your contractions to packing for your babymoon, we’ve done the rounds and discovered five of the best apps for all stages of your pregnancy journey!   So we're saying, clear some

  While you don’t need to eat enough for two (contrary to the popular expression), you do need to ensure you get enough vitamins and minerals for two !So skip

  I thought I had gotten off scot-free when at thirty - four weeks pregnant I couldn't spot a single stretch mark on my skin. However, the final six weeks

   Will I have a bowel movement during my delivery? Having bowel movement during delivery is quite common and acceptable. It should not inhibit you from pushing when the time comes.   Will I

The International Association of Professional Birth Photographers (IAPBP) recently unveiled some of the most beautiful birth images from it's annual "Image of The Year" competition. These awards honor the best of

  During my first pregnancy, I had browsed through a bunch of shelves at bookstores and the world wide web, looking for some great Indian pregnancy books. Every google search threw

  A Texas couple is finally expecting not just one, but two babies, after struggling with infertility for two years.   Lauren Walker shared her story, with a moving photo featuring two

  This anonymous writing that has been going viral over the last few days, truly captures the imagination of parents, grandparents, doctors and nurses (and probably others!) across the globe.   Written

We had recently moved to Gurgaon and with all the shifting schedules and a history of an irregular monthly cycle, I had just ignored the fact that I had missed my

    Pregnancy is a life fulfilling experience for every woman. It is a dainty journey and tremendous care and caution is essential during this period. Every woman’s body is different and no one

Birth control methods like pills injections are very effective when it comes to preventing pregnancy. Even though contraceptives have been on the market for decades, there are still many myths

Thinking of using a birth pool in labor and have questions ? Lina Duncan, Midwife (Mumbai Midwife) shares what you can expect if you decide it’s for you. What is water

  Whether you’re planning your first baby, or already hold the title 'Mom', each pregnancy is unique and brings with it a different experience. While there is lots of information to

Whether pregnant or planning a pregnancy, keeping your pressure in check is mandatory for your, as well as your baby's health. Here's everything you need to know about symptoms to

WEEK ONE & TWO |  WEEK THREE |  WEEK FOUR WHEN DID I GET PREGNANT The first day of your last menstrual period (the day you start to bleed) is

WEEK FIVE |  WEEK SIX |  WEEK SEVEN |  WEEK EIGHT WEEK FIVE Your baby is the size of an orange seed. Amazingly, this week, your baby's ticker will start beating for

WEEK NINE |  WEEK TEN |  WEEK ELEVEN |  WEEK TWELVE WEEK NINE Your baby is now the size of an olive. This week, your baby gets the organs they’ll need to,

WEEK THIRTEEN |  WEEK FOURTEEN |  WEEK FIFTEEN |  WEEK SIXTEEN WEEK THIRTEEN Your baby is now the size of a peach. While the face might look a little like an alien's

WEEK SEVENTEEN |  WEEK EIGHTEEN |  WEEK NINETEEN |  WEEK TWENTY WEEK SEVENTEEN Your baby is the size of an onion. It weighs about three and a half ounces and is about

WEEK TWENTY ONE |  WEEK TWENTY TWO |  WEEK TWENTY THREE |  WEEK TWENTY FOUR WEEK TWENTY ONE Your baby is the size of a Pomegranate. (seven inches in length and

WEEK TWENTY FIVE |  WEEK TWENTY SIX |  WEEK TWENTY SEVEN |  WEEK TWENTY EIGHT WEEK TWENTY FIVE Your baby is the size of a cauliflower. Your baby has developed a sense

WEEK TWENTY NINE |  WEEK THIRTY |  WEEK THIRTY ONE |  WEEK THIRTY TWO WEEK TWENTY NINE Your baby is the size of a acorn squash. Your baby weighs nearly three pounds