If you have young children in the house, chances are, they start to notice that other bodies look different. It’s totally normal for them to

Tummy Time

  As a new mom, each new milestones comes with its own ‘awww’ and ‘ahhh’ moments. Tummy time like all other milestones is an important one.

  You've heard the buzz, and you're curious - the not-so-new feminine hygiene product has recently been gaining popularity and here’s everything you need to know.   For

Every year there's some sort of new innovation when it comes to the oldest food in the world — breast milk. Gone are the days

Every ‘Mom-to-be’ has an endless new born essentials shopping list. However, choosing things for ‘mommy-to-be’ — both during and after pregnancy, can be kind of boring

What to get onto the breakfast table that is "colourful,appetizing and healthy" all at the same time, for the little fussy eater can be really

Getting ready for a newborn is exciting - and a little daunting. Walk through the "baby" aisles in any store and you'll see hundreds of products

While I had read and heard enough stories about hair fall post pregnancy, I didn't quite expect to be feeling like a dog shedding hair

Phew!Potty training days are behind you and the child is finally ready to move to having his/her own collection of under garments.   Well, however easier that

  First few weeks into being a new parent, and you know exactly how the 'baby cry' guessing game works!   I experienced the same thing. The internet

Changing your newborn's nappy for the first time may seem a daunting activity.  But this helpful collection of tried and true tips will go a long way to

Just done the Glucose Tolerance Test, and have been given a diagnosis of Gestational Diabetes ?   Dr Nupur Gupta  (Gynecologist & Obstetrician, Well Women Clinic, Gurgaon)

  What to feed your baby can be quite overwhelming for any first-time mom. What's right in terms of nutrients, health value, calories and swallowing capabilities

Teething is commonly referred to as the eruption of baby teeth through gums. Teething in babies can be a distressing time for babies and parents.

Whether it’s the first stage of ducky style nappy drag, the commando crawl, the grab everything and balance act or the classic first step, your

Breastfeeding is, no doubt, the best formula for a newborn child.   But, you might face a situation where you have no option but to switch to

  Can I still exercise now that I'm pregnant?   "I haven't been exercising, but now that I'm pregnant I want to start an exercise program. Is that

Whether it’s summer’s heat or winter’s cold and flu season that has us barricading our doors and windows, time to rejuvenate our homes with fresh

If you are looking for some awesome baby soaps, we've rounded up a range of safe, child-friendly and fun products that make bath time fun!   Sebamed

  There comes a time when your breastfeeding journey begins to see the end. Weaning starts when you first introduce your little one to solids and

Once upon a time birthdays meant a square or circle cake baked by mom, jelly cups loaded into the refrigerator the previous night, return gifts

  All your friends are talking about how much weight they've lost, while your number on the scale goes up daily? Well, 'Post Pregnancy Weight Loss'

  Rotavirus is the leading cause of stomach flu, and this common childhood infection can turn serious fast. Luckily, there are simple ways to treat stomach

Pjs, jim-jams, jarmies, pyjamas. Whatever you call them, we bring you a round-up of the best sleepwear to keep the little sleepyheads comfy and cozy.   Little

  It's only going to get hotter, and when you're packing that diaper bag for a day out, it's imperative you have a list of things

With swimming classes and sunny days just around the corner, it’s  time to do a little bit of a stock take on your little one's sunscreen

  If you're ready to ditch the breast pump or pricey formula, you're right on schedule. But the question is, how much and which kind of milk for toddlers should

  Do your kids know the difference between appropriate touch and inappropriate touch?Dr. Manjiri Deshpande Shenoy shares tips about how to initiate the conversation and what you

When I got pregnant, the first three months were hard. After that, it was pretty much smooth, other than for the aches and pains that

Giving Birth gives you the greatest gift imaginable but it also leaves around 43% of moms with a few gifts they’d prefer to return; and if

  Have a glimpse at any fertility forum and you'll see the abbreviation 2WW, or the 'two week wait', by far the worst part of the whole IVF process.

Yes, Toilet training is a hard act to master. Even if you child has been doing it right through the day, there will be days

  Nothing takes the edge off stress, exhaustion, swollen feet, and frizzy unwashed hair, like a good day of primping and pampering. But you've likely heard some

Sentiments about breastfeeding tends towards two extremes. It’s either romanticised with wonderful experiences or it's demonised, with painful stories of hard breasts,bites,blisters,engorgement and mastitis.   The reality is

Pinterest has released its list of  Top Trends for 2018 in wellness, fashion, home design and other pin-worthy areas (hello, food?). According to the social media site, these

  I remember going to visit a new mother in hospital  while I myself was in my 3rd trimester, and what followed was sort of eye-opening for me

Pregnant moms know it better  - that a bulging belly is accompanied by an ever-increasing breast-size. And, it doesn’t stop there—nursing can make your boobs

It’s pretty tough watching your little ones cough and splutter their way through winter, and let’s face it – when the little one is sick

An epidemic…yes, you read it right. That’s the grim reality of the imbalance and disproportion in terms of both, the vital stats of the population,

A lot of women shy away from yoga when they’re expecting, but you can actually practice it throughout your entire pregnancy IF you’re careful and know what

Egg freezing has been a common fertility option, but what happens when it isn’t an option because of special medical or other conditions? And, what option is there

  Since Air Pollution is reaching alarming levels (its in hazardous category) , Paediatric Dr. Nitin Verma shares expert advice on how to reduce our exposure

These chocolate spider cupcakes are the perfect Halloween sweet treat. Spooky to the eyes but yummy to tummy!     Ingredients   For chocolate cupcakes: 100g butter, room temperature ¾ cup caster sugar 1

Halloween Meringue Ghosts - a fun and easy recipe you can dish out in an hour!   Ingredients (Makes: 12 meringue ghosts) 6 egg whites 3/4 teaspoon cream of tartar 300g caster sugar 1

Needless to say, air purifiers are the need of the hour. While you may have heard mixed takes on how effective they actually are, we always

  It’s no fun coming down with a a croup-y cough, drippy nose and high fever — especially for the little ones who can’t bear to miss a

  Feeling the extra 3 inches post Diwali and want to forget all the Diwali gluttony ? Here are some tips to get rid of these unwanted issues

  It descends like a rain shower you can't protect your self from.One minute you’re fine, the next you can’t stand up straight and the third

There are many reasons why you may wish to express and store you breast milk – returning to work, travelling on a short trip, night out with friends or your

  Becoming a mom catapulted me into adulthood! While each moment has been worth it - Everything does change; like love at first sight, the 180 degree

So you've given birth to a gorgeous baby, and the pounds have found a home in your thighs and midriff. You're eating right, working out,

  Busy, pre-occupied or disinterested - a lady must stock her dresser with a few products to keep her skin radiant and fresh looking, even if

  Regardless of how much we work out and watch our food intake, we all, at some points, experience bloating. As ladies who suffer from this

A bloated tummy can cause a significant amount of discomfort to any little toddler - especially if they're not old enough to tell you what's

  Back home with your bundle of joy and you're confused about the 'essentials', the 'must-haves' and the 'may-be'.   To simplify the chaos, we've put a newborn essential

  I am a huge huge fan of exclusively breastfeeding your baby till they are six months old. I am saying this because I have seen the

  Are you sick of running noses? Recurrent flu? Constant coughs? And most importantly the sleepless nights?   It's said that first five years of a child's health are extremely

  Motherhood has its charms, the smile of the baby, the way it wraps its fingers around your hand, but along with it, it brings an

"Ma'am, could you please ask her to wait outside while you finish lunch

  Ingredients: 3 Eggs 1 Onion finely chopped 1/2 Tomato finely chopped 2 Tsp Coriander chutney (coriander ,tamrind,ginger and salt ground together) 1/4 Bell Pepper finely chopped 1/4 Tsp Pepper powder Salt to

These Banana Oat Muffins are very quick & easy to make and a perfect morning Breakfast Recipe. These Healthy Muffins contain No Egg, No Sugar,

  Whether it's the kids or on ourselves, no one enjoys being bitten by mosquitoes, and don't even get us started on the itchy bumps and

Life is quite tough when you're a baby - not only do you have to work hard all day being super cute and smiley for the

  Barely 2 months into my marriage, an over-interested aunty asks, “Good News?”   Listen woman, if I’m showing, I’d have to be atleast 4-5 months pregnant. That

First time parent and the great Baby Monitor Debate on at home? We agree, the world of baby monitors can be a confusing one, even

Don't want to smother the little ones in strong smelling, chemical laden insect repellent sprays ?   Here's a range of mommy recommended products, perfect for both

'It's Sunday.'   I remember the time when those words illustrated a myriad of things : Mom and Dad were going to be home, my sister and

  Despite being a serious and life-altering mental health problem, OCD is a term so often used as a scapegoat for people to explain everyday behaviour. People say things like

  It is never too early to start thinking about your kid's next hair style. The key to a great look for kids is not to

Ideally, your first visit to the paediatrician should be before the your baby arrives. If you're planning your first visit, here's what you need to

I have been contacted by a huge number of people seeking help, and though it took me a huge deal of courage to talk openly

    A 5-year-old girl  falls off the swings and cries. Some of the kids laugh and clap; some look as if they didn't see a thing. Your child rushes

These Banana Oat Muffins are very quick & easy to make and a perfect morning Breakfast Recipe. These Healthy Muffins contain No Egg, No Sugar,

Not  just the usual besan chila, try this healthy besan chila (chickpea flour pancake) with a little twist - veggies, cheese and bell peppers, making

In Conversation with Bhavna Kanoria Founder, Giftistree.com [edgtf_separator class_name="" type="full-width" position="center" color="#78c8a2" border_style="" width="" thickness="1" top_margin="" bottom_margin=""] Have you ever looked at parents to be in a Hollywood movie picking up exquisite bibs,cribs,

New moms and dads, we know you're all about buying the cutest little outfits for your little ones. So we got a baby clothes merchandising

Here’s what Twinkle Khanna has to say about this very Indian style of parenting.   11 am: Enjoying a lazy Saturday morning with my sister-in-law and some

Worried about your little one's cough,cold and wheezing during the changing seasons?   Jaishree Chauhan shares her own 'Baby Rub' recipe to help bring tremendous comfort to toddlers

Simple coffee cake are best for snacking or for breakfast. Top it with your favorite nuts and this will be your go to cake for

New mommy Kareena Kapoor Khan has been setting maternity style goals all through her pregnancy. And now, after looking resplendent as the showstopper for renowned

  For every little girl clumsily trying on her daddy’s shoes, there is a desire to win the love of the most important male in her

Moms across the virtual world are tearily nodding in agreement at a Nashville mom’s post on the realities of breastfeeding, perhaps recognising their own struggles in her words.   Mom

  It's the stuff of fairy tale rooms, castle-inspired wardrobes , home on the prairie with tree-house beds and rustic timber veneers.   Abracadabra Kids is where you'll

  Winter has arrived so the fruit market is sparkling with all the seasonal fruits and one of them is Grapes.   So this Grapes smoothie is a

When I don’t like to eat many vegetables, I find it better to make parathas out of it. That actually tastes much better than the

The year 2016 has been nothing short of thrilling. It was packed with all the ingredients that thrillers are made of. The last couple of

While you are busy getting your winter wardrobe ready, getting all cosy and cuddly around the fire and dreaming of  hot chocolate with gooey marshmallows, here

With advisory notes from schools and you feeling tired and choked with the pollution  - we've listed out 4 anti-pollution masks to help combat Delhi's

If this doesn’t wake us up to the evils of air pollution, we don’t know what will.An NTDV report states - Pollution levels in Delhi

We're all aware that to some degree, most processed and packaged food contain preservatives and additives to give them an increased shelf life. Even dairy

Big B's beautiful Letter To His Granddaughters - Navya & Aaradhya is a must Read

There's nothing quite like the soft, delicate skin of a baby. And nothing like a cranky infant irritated by diaper rash, cradle cap, or any

Is your little one a picky eater ? Or you’ve run out of the perfect lunch box ideas ?   Tania Sondhi shares with us an interesting

 Choosing fresh and natural food and ingredients for your baby can be a task. Here's the lowdown on the what organic food really is, and

Evening hunger pangs get the better of the best of us, and its no different for our little ones. On days that you're tired or

  Popular drinks in the summer time usually revolve around chilled sodas, or other packaged drinks that might not be the most healthy options, when consumed

  We'd be lying if we said we've always wanted to be like our moms. We love them of course, but we've all, at some point,