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Choosing a Breast Pump? Here Is What You Need to Know

Every ‘Mom-to-be’ has an endless new born essentials shopping list. However, choosing things for ‘mommy-to-be’ — both during and after pregnancy, can be kind of boring and sometimes overlooked. Nipple cream, Breastfeeding pads, Skincare products, Breast pumps and more!


If you’re on a breast pump hunt, this is what you need to know. For starters, there are three primary types of pumps: hospital-grade electric, personal double electric, and manual breast pumps.


Personal Double Electric: Considered the most popular of the three choices, personal electric breast pumps allow you to adjust both the speed and suction. A double electric breast pump empties both breasts at the same time, making it an especially efficient choice


Manual Breast Pump:  This style pump doesn’t have a motor, meaning you’ll have to squeeze the lever repeatedly to create the suction needed to express milk. While they’re not as efficient as electric pumps, they’re much more quiet, smaller and cheaper, making them a great travel option or a good choice if you don’t pump often.


Hospital-Grade Breast Pump: The most efficient type of breast pump out there, a heavy-duty hospital-grade pump sucks at a faster and stronger frequency. It’s also the most expensive type of breast pump


Here’s what you need to ask yourself when selecting a breast pump to suit your specific needs. They include:


  • What are your needs? (e.g. Do you simply need an every-now-and-then option?)
  • How often do you need to pump? (e.g. Will you be at home with your little one or returning to work?)
  • How old is your baby? (e.g. Are you pumping for a newborn or is your baby a few months old?)
  • Where will you be pumping? (e.g. Is there an electrical outlet?)


Silver Rattle Recommends:


Philips Avent


The Philips Avent Comfort Breast Pump-Electric is small, with fewer parts for easy cleaning. And it boasts intelligent design: The neck is angled for sitting and pumping comfortably, while the included bottles and nipples are shaped more like mom to help baby switch back and forth from breast to bottle. Bonus: you can pump right into them—meaning fewer bottles to pack. SHOP ONLINE HERE




The Lansinoh Smartpump Double Electric Breast Pump has three pumping styles, eight adjustable suction levels, and an LCD screen so you can easily keep track of how long you’ve pumped. It also connects via Bluetooth to Lansinoh’s free tracking app, letting you record milk volume as well as log each session date and time. Efficiency? Portability? Peace of mind? Triple check. SHOP ONLINE HERE




Medela Harmony Manual Breast Pump works to produce more milk in less time with it’s “2-Phase Expression” technology, mimicking the fast beginning and slower progression of breastfeeding. It comes with a convenient stand to prevent spills. It’s  lightweight and compact manual pump packs up in a snap and is comfortable and quiet enough to use just about anywhere. SHOP ONLINE HERE




Freemie Freedom Electric Breast Pump is for the multi tasker mom! This gives you the use of both hands and even lets you pump with your shirt on. Sound impossible? Just slide the cups under your bra, connect it to the pump and do your thing. The unique shape of the cups does have a downside: You can’t attach a nipple and feed directly from them as you can with many pumps that deposit the milk right into a bottle. With the Freemie, you need to pour the milk from the rounded cups into a bottle or storage bag for feeding or storing. SHOP ONLINE HERE




Spectra S1 Double Electric Breast Pump comes with a completely customizable suction option, maximizing your output and ensuring pumping is always comfortable. It has the strength and high performance of a hospital-strength breast pump, and its inbuilt rechargeable battery means that you can bring it just about anywhere. A closed system and backflow protection means there is no risk of bacteria contaminating baby’s breast milk—and you don’t have any skinny tubing to clean.SHOP ONLINE HERE